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Read Me

Project Viewer README

IMPORTANT: ProjectViewer and XML parsers

Since PV now stores some configuration data as XML, it needs an XML parser to
read these files. This means that one of the following should be true:

(i) You should be using Java version 1.4. The 1.4 JRE already has an XML parser
(Apache Crimson), and it's enough for the needs of PV. 

If your have Java version 1.4 and also have the XML plugin installed, you may
need to remove the "xerces.jar" file from jEdit's "jars" directory and put it
in your CLASSPATH, or in the "jre/lib/ext" directory, or PV won't be able to
find the XML parser due to some class loader issues.

(ii) If you're still using Java 1.3, you need to have either the XML plugin
installed, or some XML parser available for your Java runtime. This may be
done by downloading Apache Crimson (or another parser of your choice that
implements the JAXP interfaces) and making it available by adding it to your
CLASSPATH or putting the jar file in the "jre/lib/ext" directory.

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