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[cd7260] (projectviewer_1_0_4) by (no author) (no author)

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2002-07-22 09:42:14 Tree
[7456a9] by ensonic ensonic

C: micro minor changes and additions

2002-07-22 09:42:14 Tree
[ab992c] by vanza vanza

re-done fix for Win32 path names (finally!)

2002-07-18 04:59:56 Tree
[5d44b1] by vanza vanza

forgotten update to match ProjectPropertiesDlg update

2002-07-18 04:45:27 Tree
[f5bb9b] by vanza vanza

documentation update (needs revision)

2002-07-17 17:31:48 Tree
[7d2c21] by vanza vanza

force save of properties in ISO-8859-1 encoding; fixed double save of projects

2002-07-16 22:39:05 Tree
[cb56fa] by vanza vanza

forced props file to be in ISO8859-1 enconding

2002-07-16 21:49:45 Tree
[e99163] by vanza vanza

fix NPE when creating project

2002-07-15 19:47:01 Tree
[5fef69] by vanza vanza

close files in jEdit before deleting them from disk

2002-07-15 19:08:03 Tree
[5a0ab2] by vanza vanza

fix initial size of some JTextFields (options dlg too big)

2002-07-15 17:35:43 Tree
[a37741] by vanza vanza

fix npe when no trees are showing

2002-07-12 23:38:12 Tree
[5f2998] by vanza vanza

fix for changing root

2002-07-12 23:26:06 Tree
[fd0ef7] by vanza vanza

corrects title of rename directory dialog

2002-07-12 23:17:47 Tree
[0a29cb] by vanza vanza

alert when cannot change project root; added options to show/hide toolbar
and individual trees.

2002-07-12 20:51:23 Tree
[1055fd] by ensonic ensonic

C: changed options pane to look more like the others
C: fixed resize problem

2002-07-12 12:26:17 Tree
[3e596b] by vanza vanza

implemented directory renaming, initial implementation of project root
changing, plus minor debug cleanups.

2002-07-11 21:21:00 Tree
[ddd449] by vanza vanza

small changes

2002-07-11 17:04:02 Tree
[ab0796] by vanza vanza

proper fix (previous did not work)

2002-07-10 23:57:27 Tree
[fb5fab] by vanza vanza

fix data loss when saving projects and some projects are not yet loaded

2002-07-10 23:51:42 Tree
[8eb3b3] by vanza vanza

fixed flickering when changing projects

2002-07-10 22:50:12 Tree
[d7a623] by vanza vanza

fixing possible bug (oops)

2002-07-10 22:40:57 Tree
[666e7f] by vanza vanza

small changes: fixed some project saving problems (prevented project from
being loaded later), modified some singletons not to be singletons (could
cause problems with multiple jEdit views), fixed changing the projects root
(needs testing), implemented re-import of files.

2002-07-10 22:33:09 Tree
[5f9799] by sutter2k sutter2k

took clear line below and on the right

2002-07-10 22:29:55 Tree
[f2c4d9] by vanza vanza

*** empty log message ***

2002-07-10 21:05:02 Tree
[57edf2] by vanza vanza

fix for project loading/saving

2002-07-10 19:10:06 Tree
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