--- a
+++ b/etc/doing_the_next_pmd_jedit_release.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,36 @@
+update the release date in the changelog
+change config/pmd.props to reflect actual pmd.jar file version
+change config/pmd.props to reflect pmd-jedit release 2.2
+change config/jedit.html to reflect pmd-jedit release 2.2
+change the build.xml to reflect pmd-jedit release 2.2
+update doing_the_next_pmd_jedit_release.txt to the new release version
+comit the above changes FIRST!!
+Create the binary release - 'ant release'
+Unzip it into jedit.home/jars
+1) Can you run jedit ok?
+2) Can you run it it on a file and find some unused code?
+3) Are options persistant?
+4) Does CPD work?
+Create the src release:
+cvs -q rtag -D tomorrow "pmd_jedit_release_2_1" pmd-jedit
+rm -rf ~/tmp/pmd-jedit
+mkdir -p ~/tmp/pmd-jedit
+cvs -q export -d tmp -r pmd_jedit_release_2_1 pmd-jedit
+mv tmp/* ~/tmp/pmd-jedit
+rmdir tmp/
+cp pmd-jedit/lib/PMDJEditPlugin-2.2.jar ~/tmp/pmd-jedit/lib
+cd ~/tmp
+zip -q -r pmd-jedit-src-2.2.zip pmd-jedit
+rm -rf pmd-jedit
+ncftpput upload.sourceforge.net incoming/ pmd-jedit-src-2.2.zip pmd-jedit-bin-2.2.zip
+Go to Admin, Edit/Release Files, click on Add new release
+Paste stuff into the changelog/readme boxes
+Add the 2 zip files
+Classify the file
+Submit some news saying "hey, new release of the JEdit plugin!"