P4Plugin Log

Commit Date  
[5ff6b6] (p4_0_2_3) by vanza vanza

- tag P4Plugin 0.2.3 for release.

2007-03-21 04:11:31 Tree
[e26f72] by vanza vanza

- add "sync" action
- some fixes for when the context menu is shown, and when certain actions should be shown in the menu.

2007-03-15 05:47:31 Tree
[a9d6ba] by vanza vanza

- remove some debugging statements
- some fixes to avoid exceptions in the file filter code

2007-02-28 07:24:02 Tree
[debf53] by vanza vanza

- refactor some code into a utility class to get client info
- speed up the file filter considerably
- add action to open the files from a change list
- minor changes to support windows (I tested it this time)

2007-02-14 07:26:29 Tree
[dbb7a5] by vanza vanza

Add the diff action to the plugin menu.

2007-02-08 06:01:15 Tree
[18659d] by vanza vanza

forgot a small thing in the change log.

2007-02-07 05:29:24 Tree
[c5893e] by vanza vanza

Copied from change log:
- fix weird NPE when handling an EditBus message.
- add a "diff" action and related configuration to set what diff
tool to use.
- make the file info actions asynchronous.
- properly set up the user environment when running the P4 binary;
this allows wrapper scripts around p4 (that might rely on
environment variables) to be used.
- add support for P4CONFIG instead of P4CLIENT.

Also fixes a few typos here and there.

2007-02-07 05:25:23 Tree
[dcb490] by vanza vanza

- fix the changelog. we're still at version 0.2.2.

2006-08-20 00:15:33 Tree
[eea2dc] by vanza vanza

- don't use serialization to store properties; use regular strings to avoid problems with class loaders.

2006-08-20 00:05:16 Tree
[4e7a78] by vanza vanza

- fix unregistration of key interceptor: also need to check EditPaneUpdate messages.

2006-06-12 05:17:23 Tree
[d8d524] by vanza vanza

- fix NPE in P4FileMenu
- work around Console binary incompatibility by using reflection.

2006-06-12 04:10:39 Tree
[5c1149] by vanza vanza

- moving P4Plugin.props

2006-06-06 03:53:26 Tree
[7d3625] by vanza vanza

- remove debug print out
- change the way EditBus messages are handled so that P4 doesn't cause ProjectViewer to leak memory by calling ProjectViewer.getActiveNode() when the PV view is being unloaded; this probably needs a work-around in PV but for now it's simpler to fix it here.

2006-05-24 04:54:04 Tree
[8e3033] by vanza vanza

- add "filelog" command.

2006-04-14 04:11:23 Tree
[2de05c] by vanza vanza

- ignore files marked as "deleted" when importing.

2006-04-13 06:54:08 Tree
[5a164f] by vanza vanza

- don't use deprecated methods
- don't overwrite user's mode settings if they exist.

2006-04-09 03:04:41 Tree
[1f33c3] by vanza vanza

- lots of changes to threading code (needs CC 0.9.1, not released yet)
- GUI updates (new dialog not based on JOptionPane, so I can control focus better)
- new perforce mode file
- fix possible serialization issue

2006-04-08 23:16:54 Tree
[199694] by vanza vanza

- set the viewer for the menu instance also, just in case.
- fix text field being enabled when it shouldn't be.
- make P4Shell.writeToShell() AWT-thread-safe; also, scroll to the end of the console shell after writing.
- Translate Windows paths in P4FileFilters (is this all we need to support windows?)

2006-02-26 03:34:00 Tree
[8189bd] by vanza vanza

- set the serialVersionUID field for class P4Config to avoid
serialization problems.
- fix possible deadlock in P4Change.java (same fix as was already
there in AsynP4Action.java)
- fix NPE in P4Shell.java when console wasn't yet active.
- keep list of child actions in P4FileMenu.java so we can set
their viewer instance.

2006-02-16 05:16:49 Tree
[339abc] by vanza vanza

- changes suggested by plugin packagers.
- fix possible deadlock when executing perforce by ensuring we have enough threads available in the worker pool.

2006-01-31 05:56:23 Tree
[35553f] by vanza vanza

- make popup info text box non-editable.
- auto-select the combo box editor's contents when editing is enabled

2005-12-16 04:10:12 Tree
[1c6a4d] by vanza vanza

Perforce plugin initial checkin.

2005-12-12 04:43:01 Tree
[f4da51] by (no author) (no author)

New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

2005-12-12 04:43:01 Tree

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