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[3cc074] by vanza vanza

Delete the PV node when running "p4 delete".

Add a specialized action for "delete" so that we can update the
project tree when deleting files in perforce.

2010-04-03 21:15:32 Tree
[3addf3] by vanza vanza

Bump PV requirement to stable version.

2010-04-03 21:14:22 Tree
[8d7f54] by vanza vanza

Bump jEdit requirement.

2010-03-09 03:14:03 Tree
[a04b33] by elberry elberry

Fixing build file to work with release scripts.

2010-03-08 21:37:06 Tree
[63975c] by vanza vanza

Fix "-Xlint" warning.

2010-03-04 04:28:18 Tree
[8f5963] by vanza vanza

Add a "Perfoce" pane to the PV node properties dialog.

2010-03-04 04:20:35 Tree
[6d4ca1] by vanza vanza

Bump version.

2010-03-02 04:39:50 Tree
[f51a58] by vanza vanza

Move the P4FileFilter instantiation to the VersionControlService implementation,
using the new functionality added to ProjectViewer.

2010-01-26 04:46:47 Tree
[7a2210] by vanza vanza

Use the new EBHandler annotation for handling EditBus messages. Now requires jEdit 4.3pre19.

2009-11-12 07:07:20 Tree
[90de65] by vanza vanza

Don't try to retrieve project data when the view is being closed. This avoids having PV re-load a project that is being unloaded because the view is being closed (and was probably also causing a memory leak by causing PV to keep a reference to the view).

2009-10-16 03:06:39 Tree
[1ecbfd] by vanza vanza

Bump jEdit requirement to match ProjectViewer's.

2009-07-23 04:31:39 Tree
[20cd51] by vanza vanza

Fix to match the new VersionControlService API in ProjectViewer.

2009-05-09 21:57:32 Tree
[bc052e] by vanza vanza

Update P4Plugin to match the latest API changes in ProjectViewer.

2009-03-30 05:54:24 Tree
[8fe3d0] by vanza vanza

Implement a PV VersionControlService for Perforce. This service doesn't provide status icons,
but at least allows the user to choose whether to use perforce or not using PV's UI.

This allows removing the "use perforce" checkbox in the plugin's project option pane.

2009-03-23 00:33:52 Tree
[8a80b7] by vanza vanza

Fix NPE when cleaning up config data.

2009-03-21 03:36:38 Tree
[f43751] by vanza vanza

- allow syncing projects.
- clean up cached data in filter after it's been used.

2008-06-22 22:44:08 Tree
[d2621d] by vanza vanza

. Fix P4Plugin to support the trunk version of PV's API.
. Fix compatibility with jEdit < 4.3pre10 (addMode(), the method that should not be called, has moved).

2008-05-12 01:43:38 Tree
[37a0b9] by vanza vanza

ignore closed views.

2007-04-15 02:46:06 Tree
[c5cad8] by vanza vanza

bump version number.

2007-03-27 06:07:24 Tree
[86d1e8] by vanza vanza

- change name of P4Config.getEnv() method so that its value is
not saved to the project config file.
- correctly support configurations that use P4CONFIG instead

2007-03-27 06:07:11 Tree
[192069] by vanza vanza

- add descriptions used when releasing the plugin.

2007-03-21 04:17:19 Tree
[e26f72] by vanza vanza

- add "sync" action
- some fixes for when the context menu is shown, and when certain actions should be shown in the menu.

2007-03-15 05:47:31 Tree
[a9d6ba] by vanza vanza

- remove some debugging statements
- some fixes to avoid exceptions in the file filter code

2007-02-28 07:24:02 Tree
[debf53] by vanza vanza

- refactor some code into a utility class to get client info
- speed up the file filter considerably
- add action to open the files from a change list
- minor changes to support windows (I tested it this time)

2007-02-14 07:26:29 Tree
[dbb7a5] by vanza vanza

Add the diff action to the plugin menu.

2007-02-08 06:01:15 Tree
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