Completion Log

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[1fdc60] (HEADcompletion_0_3master) by dionjwa dionjwa

Minor doc edit

2011-11-10 21:46:10 Tree
[cbf924] by dionjwa dionjwa

Completion description pane

2011-11-10 21:34:56 Tree
[e83b20] by Shlomy Reinstein Shlomy Reinstein

Removed the CtagsCompletionCandidate, which has been moved to CtagsInterface.

2011-07-21 07:37:17 Tree
[9892e5] (0.3) by Dion Amago Dion Amago

Fix NPE on completion on empty buffer (thanks elberry). Candidates null checking

2011-02-21 20:21:47 Tree
[d006ba] (completion_0_2) by dionjwa dionjwa

Change documentation for the next version (0.2).

2011-01-16 03:02:39 Tree
2011-01-16 03:02:08 Tree
[5b59f7] by dionjwa dionjwa

Convenience method.

2011-01-16 03:01:09 Tree
[e54e52] by dionjwa dionjwa

Fix possible caret out of bounds

2011-01-13 17:12:41 Tree
[710d9c] by Dion Amago Dion Amago

The completion popup ignores keystrokes if no popups candidates have arrived. This fixes the bug where control keys were being swallowed.

2011-01-13 01:01:06 Tree
[e495c0] by Dion Amago Dion Amago

Split option panels. Now you can also disable completion services.

2010-11-22 21:26:12 Tree
[c356df] by Dion Amago Dion Amago

Initial import.

2010-11-22 18:44:48 Tree