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 :Author: Ollie Rutherfurd
 :Date: $Date$
-:Version: $Revision$
+:Version: $Version$
-`Accents` enables one to enter non-ascii characters using 
-abbreviations. `Accents` converts the abbreviations to the 
-characters they represent, as you type. For example, if you 
-enter ``"a``, `Accents` converts it to ``ä`` when you type the
-"a" character.
+`Accents` makes inserting characters like ``á`` easy.  As you 
+type, `Accents` watches for character abbreviations and 
+converts them as you type them.  For example, if you enter 
+``'a`` `Accents` converts it to ``á`` when you enter the 
 However, with this convenience comes a cost.  If you actually 
 wanted to enter ``'a``, not ``á``, you must enter ``' a``,
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 	Enable or disable `Accents`.
-`Convert Abbreviation before Caret`:
-	Convert the abbreviation before the caret.  This works
-	regardless of whether `Accents` is enabled to convert
-	abbreviations as you type them.
 `Ignore Next`:
 	Ignore the next abbreviation match.