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v2.4 Update!

There were a lot of code changes and new features in this version, the most significant being that the name was changed! It is now 'Emerald Text Editor' or 'Emerald Editor' as it is called throughout my program or you can call it what I call it 'Emerald'.

So this is the list of updates:
- Finding bar in the main toolbar
- The main toolbar
- Changed the program name to "Emerald Editor"
- Every menu item now has a tool tip, hover over to view a better description of what each item does
- Preferences sub-menu "Measurments" renamed to "Status Bar"
- Added a new sub-menu to the preferences menu
- Toolbars, used for changing the toolbars between just icons, just text, and both
- Renamed "Help" menu "Emerald Editor"
- added "Force Exit" item
- closes the program automatically, used for a bug that I encountered and I think fixed, where you couldn't exit
- the bug was only in development
- Moved to be the first menu item
- Workspace file now saves as "EmeraldEditor.workspace"
- when opened it is actually readable, and editable
- only if you know what you're doing
- Added New File Dialog
- Renamed the old About Dialog to license dialog, and added a new about dialog
- features the logo for the project

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-05-31

v2.4 News

I have created a fairly large sized text document about things that I will be adding / fixing / updating in the jEditor 2.4 update. Don't think this project is dead, I've just been sidetracked lately with other things. (like Minecraft, school, Minecraft, other projects, and, of course, Minecraft (I'm only slightly addicted)).

I may also be creating an open-source mod for Minecraft, for those of you who care (probably no one, because I'm starting to think that this blog is more of a thing where I talk to myself)

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-05-17 Labels: Minecraft 2.4 jEditor update news

v2.3 Update

This update fixed some bugs, but the main feature is syntax highlighting for coding language files.

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-04-07

v2.1.1 Alpha

So in this version, I changed how the program downloads updates, and added the ability to open multiple files at once, and also you can now delete your currently opened file. This isn't a really big update, that's why it's a (sub-update?) of 2.1.

Also, as of today, only the source will be on the downloads page from now on. Why?
Well, the most recent jar file will now just download the latest update, unpack it and then send you on your way. This is because I realized that it wouldn't show the .zip folder of my program, so I guess now I can see how many people have downloaded my program in all now.... read more

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-03-26

v2.1 - Alpha Update!

Well, pretty much everything that I said I was going to include a couple of posts ago, is basically all that's been added.

But, there are a few new things that weren't listed:
- There are icons on almost every item in the menus now
- The toolbar now displays the last action performed
- (until 7.5 seconds have passed, then it gets cleared off)

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-03-25

Update today or tomorrow

I'm sorry there hasn't been an update in a while, but this one will surely make up for it!
I decided that my code was crappy beyond both belief, and repair. So I decided that I had to completely rewrite it all, while doing so I eliminated a lot of bad code and set some standards for my classes. Now they're easier to read! (Meaning I can add things faster)

So far I have added many things such as the cut, copy, and paste items (this also means the edit menu) and a look and feel changer.... read more

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-03-24

No update this week

I was busy working on a different project last week, and there won't be one this week either.

But there will be these things in the next update:

  1. Look and Feel menu
  2. Edit Menu
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Undo
    • Redo
  3. Lots of new code formatting!
    • Mainly more organized and commented code
      1. This mainly affects the menu bar
    • Better class structuring too!

This update may or may not be out by the end of this week, because my code was getting so sloppy and I hardly commented anything so I'm re-programming the entire thing with better concepts and more comments.

Posted by Austin Donovan 2012-03-11