Error in Delphi 7.1

  • KirdApe

    KirdApe - 2006-05-05


    Hi installed in Delphi 7.1 and I really like it.

    However I'm getting this erro when acessing the format settings -> Blank lines:

    Error reading fBlankLines.ExplicitWidth: property ExplicitWidth does not exist

    When I run JcfNotepad everything works ok.

    I have Delphi 7.1, JCF 222 and JVCL 3.20 Complete with JCL 1.97 -Build2172.

    Thanks in advance

    • Anthony Steele

      Anthony Steele - 2006-05-06

      It seems that you have a later version of JCL and JVCL than me.

      I shall, when I next have time, install the latest versions of JCL/JCVL and build the next version of JCF with these.

      • KirdApe

        KirdApe - 2006-05-07

        Thank you so much.

        Great work.

        Go Jedis!

        • Anthony Steele

          Anthony Steele - 2006-05-07

          I've noticed two things:

          Getting the latest builds of JCF and JVCL installed for both Delphi7 and Delphi2006 is a real pain. The .bpl and .dcp directory settings are the issue - what you specify is not always honoured

 is the issue.

          Can the same frame still be used in D7 and D2006? I think so, so long as D7 is always used last to remove these properties from the .dfm.

        • Anthony Steele

          Anthony Steele - 2006-05-08

          I've logged it as a bug here:

          It will be fixed in the next release, and the bug report describes the fix procedure if you can compile the source in D7.

          • KirdApe

            KirdApe - 2006-05-09

            Once again thanks.

            I'll try that.

            Go Jedis!

    • KirdApe

      KirdApe - 2006-05-08

      I only have D7 installed on my pc.

      I'm new to this, so I didn't understand how to solve the problem.

      Thanks again.


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