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Release Candidate 2 : Available

In this release there is a slight fix to the AudioMixer class and also new port of the Bob Pendleton's FastEvents methods ( thanks Mason ).

Get it while it's Hot!

Posted by Dominique Louis 2008-02-26

JEDI-SDL now support Mac OS X frameworks and SKYOS

I've just checked in the latest changes that adds better Mac OS X frameworks support ( tested on Intel ) and now SKYOS support, all using FreePascal. I have also improved the sdl_audiomixer class that makes playing music on all these platforms super easy.

New Win32 Installers and Zip files are available on from the JEDI-SDL homepage.

Posted by Dominique Louis 2007-12-20

Beta Installer available in 3 flavours

The JEDI-SDL installers now come in 3 flavours :
FULL - and it's about a 4.5MB download.
HEADERS ONLY - and it only about 1MB.
DEMOS ONLY - and it only about 2MB.

It should install the files to the specified directory, but should also update your particular version of Delphi's Libaray path automagically. It should also update FreePascal's fpc.cfg if you used the FreePascal installer in the first place.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2007-08-11

New Win32 Beta installer

The Latest Beta Win32 installer can now be downloaded from...

NOTE : These are haemorrhaging edge builds, taken directly from my development machine so be aware that they are volatile.

Posted by Dominique Louis 2007-08-07

Nightly Builds

The Latest Beta builds will now be available as a zip file from...

NOTE : These are haemorrhaging edge builds, taken directly from my development machine so be aware that they are volatile.

Posted by Dominique Louis 2007-05-30

Support for GBA/DS and GP2X added

We've just added support for Nintendo Game Boy Advance/DS as well as GP2X ( ) game consoles. We are definatley getting closer to a v1.0 release. Stay tuned.

Posted by Dominique Louis 2007-03-11

JEDI-SDL working on MacOS X

I have finally managed to iron out all the bugs involved putting together an XCode 2.4.x compatible project template that works with JEDI-SDL and FreePascal on MacOS X. A big thank-you goes out to Jonas Maebe for pointing me in the right direction. Ok the basic instructions are as follows...


1. Need 1 cup of MacOS X

2. An installation of XCode 2.4 which ships with Tiger, but can the latest version can be downloaded by registering here - . Note the current version of 2.4.1 and weighs in at 924MB, so I hope you have broadband. This will give you a DMG ( Disk Image ) that will self mount. Follow the installation instructions. ... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2006-11-24

JEDI-SDL v1.0 Beta Release 1 now available

It is with much pleasure that I finally announce the official beta release of JEDI-SDL v1.0 on SourceForge @

These should work on Win32, Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS X ( with some tweaking ).

I think the headers are feature complete, unless someone spots something. The only thing left to add are more demos, which will probably end up being a separate download anyway. Oh and we also need to pick an offical logo for the project as well.

Posted by Dominique Louis 2005-01-05

JEDI-SDL adds Gnu Pascal & TMT Pascal compiler compatibility

Just a quick note to say that I have just checked into CVS the last JEDI-SDL changes ( for now ) that has added compatability for the Gnu Pascal and TMT Pascal compilers.

Thanks to Alexey "Clootie" Barkovoy for his help with TMT support.
Thanks to Prof. Abimbola "The Chief" Olowofoyeku for his help with Gnu Pascal support.

These latest changes have been tested under Windows and the newly modified JEDISDLAliens demo ( the benchmark for cross-compiler compatability ) has also been checked into CVS.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2003-04-24

JEDI-SDL v0.5 released and shipping with Kylix 3 & Delphi 7

I am pleased to announce that JEDI-SDL v0.5 has been released and will
be shipping with Kylix 3 and Delphi 7 out of the box! Which I think makes it one of the few products that will ship with both versions of Borland's latest Object Pascal compilers.

JEDI-SDL are the Object Pascal headers for SDL (
), and has been converted, comments and all, to the Delphi unit called
Other conversions that have also been done are SDL_Mixer.h, SDL_Net.h,
SDL_Image.h, SMPEG.h, SDL_sound and the SFont library,
which are all included in this distribution.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2002-08-12

JEDI-SDL 0.5 RC1 released...

For those who are wondering what JEDI-SDL is...
It is the API Object Pascal header translations for SDL( Simple
DirectMedia Library ). SDL works on Linux, Win32, Playstation 2, BeOS,
MacOS, Solaris, IRIX, FreeBSD and AmigaOS.
Currently JEDI-SDL supports Delphi, Kylix and the FreePascal compilers
and the platforms that they support.
We have Pascal headers for SDL, SDL_Mixer, SDL_Image, SDL_Net, Smpeg,
SDL_ttf & SDL_Sound.
All our demos work with Delphi 4 through to Kylix 2 and are compilable
from the same project file and also run natively under Windows and Linux.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2002-05-07

JEDI-SDL Latest Source...

The Latest JEDI-SDL source has been uploaded to SourceForge and work is under way to iron out any outstanding bugs that are reported. If downloading from CVS please only download the "JEDI-SDL" module ( Please note that it is all in uppper case ). The other modules are out dated.

Dominique Louis.

Posted by Dominique Louis 2002-03-19

What's coming up in JEDI-SDL 0.5 beta

* The JEDI-SDL project is now also set up on Sourceforge ( ) so we can start using version control.
* Improved FreePascal support has been added.
Various bug fixes as pointed out on the JEDI-SDL mailing list.
* SDL_Mixer has been updated to version 1.2.1 and includes an
Effects API.
* Demo directories are now split into 2D and 3D related sub-directories.

New 2D Demos :
* Pan and Zoom Demo - How to Pan and Zoom an SDL surface.
* Isometric Demo - I ported my old DelphiX isometric demo over
to SDL.
* TestTimer demo - Shows hows how to use AddTimer and RemoveTimer.
* MpegPlayer - I have updated and improved Anders Ohlson's
MPegPlayer and component and it now works and installs into D4, D5, D6,
K1 & K2.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2002-02-11