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Server Down

Currently the server where the JEDI API&WSCL blog ( ) is hosted on is down due to technical problems. I honestly don't know how long it takes to fix it. Since the downloads of JEDI releases and code access (SVN) is not hosted there you can continue to access the libraries from Sourceforge directly. Just use the Download link in the tab.

Christian Wimmer

Posted by Chris 2009-02-19

New Release

Today we offer a new release of the JEDI API and Windows Security Code Library.
The downloads are now available in the download section. Please read the download notice.

Please also send us feedback and bugs by E-Mail, Mailinglist or Tracker! Thank you.

Christian Wimmer and the JEDI API Team.

Posted by Chris 2008-02-25

New release ahead

The developer branch (JWA+JWSCL) has over 200 revisions so that I am going to create a new release soon. However JWSCL is still in BETA phase but very robust so if you do not want to wait, you can get the latest version from our subversion repository.
Use update function and "anonymous" as login credential.

Happy programming

Despite what I said, we are on the way to create a new release. However docs and tests have to be written and bugs were discovered so we could not get all things done the way we planned.
If you cannot wait, download the newewst release and update using Subversion.

Posted by Chris 2008-01-30

Sad news

Robert, a well-renowned member of the Delphi community as well as of our team died at the end of last year. Farewell, Robert.

// Oliver

PS: A happy new year to our users and everyone else.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2008-01-03


The project title has changed. The description also changed to include the security library that Chris so generously contributed. Furthermore I fixed the Trove categorization a bit to match those other changes.

// Oliver

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2007-11-14

New Maintainer

Hello folks,

I want to introduce myself. My name is Christian Wimmer, 25years old, living in Germany (Stuttgart) and I am proud to be a JEDI member. I try to lead this JEDI section to new glory and honor its grounds.

Posted by Chris 2007-09-01

Marcel takes his leave

Marcel van Brakel took his leave from the project, today. Thanks for all your contributions and best luck with your future plans!


Posted by Oliver Schneider 2007-09-01

Some more members joined the team + more

Two more members joined the team. The website was updated to reflect this change.

Furthermore Robert (Marquardt) checked in the units which can now be treated as include files as well. This is used to resemble the structure of the PSDK headers.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2005-09-05

New member joined the team ...

A very talented Delphi programmer based in Germany joined us today. Welcome nicode!

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2005-07-27

Launched website & added package

Today I've launched the website with a very simple design. Furthermore some static and some dynamic HTTP redirects have been established to allow for easy linking to the files (more info on the website).

Last but not least I've transferred the list of native APIs from my server to this place, because it fits into the context with the Native API unit.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2005-07-24

New releases for win32api and scapi

Furthermore packages have been renamed to have a short and a long name.

For Setup & Config Manager it's more a maintenance release. For the Win32 API some more things have changed.

The win32api package contains the Native API unit as well.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2005-07-18

Added new package for the NT Native API unit

This package contains the JwaNative.pas unit and its dependencies. So users do not have to download the whole big win32api package. Furthermore this allows us to keep the unit up-to-date and release it more often separately.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2005-07-17

First files uploaded in the CVS repository

This may be just interesting to some people. pserver-access is available as usual.
The group is still constituting, so stay tuned.

Posted by Oliver Schneider 2004-11-08