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  • Hock Keong Tay

    Hock Keong Tay - 2005-04-29

    The JD4X desktop is growing and now requires lots of standard Java tools to become a useful everyday desktop. Many areas are lacking and require your contribution. If you are interested to help build the next generation free open source desktop, then put your Java programming skills to work. Pick and choose the appropriate task for your skill level and time commitment from the list below.

    These are some of the Java tools we're looking for to include with future releases of JD4X. These tools will be sharing the desktop Jvm and not seperate applications (no System.exit() is to be used). If you know of one or are building one, please let us know. The tools also need to be in GPL. We're also currently looking at what we can reuse from JDistro.

    R1) Light weight Java HTML editor and viewer.
    We need a simple editor to craft simple HTML instant messages that will be send to other desktop users. The simple viewer than acts like a dialog and displays the messages. Messages might include graphics, URLs, simple text formatting. The secure message transfer system is already completed, we just need the interactive GUI tools.

    R2) Light weight Java File Manager.
    We need a light weight java based file manager to include with the desktop. It should be able to handle common file manipulation tasks. The target platform is Linux, so it does not require absolute cross platform facilities. The idea is to have a fully integrated (JD4X based) file manager that can view, drag and drop files onto the desktop, file system as well as onto the desktop of other JD4X desktop users. The secure file transfer system is already completed, we just need the GUI frontend to make use of the JD4X system facilities and provide the common file manipulation facilities. This file manager needs to be small and fast!

    R3) JD4X Reporting Tools
    We want to redo the GUI tools to monitor groups and users on the JD4X system. The main job of the reporting tool is to display the list of JD4X groups and users currently logon to the system. Displaying group and user information should be attractive, easy and intuitive. It should also work seemlessly with the light weight file manager when transfering information. The P2P backend system is already completed, we just need the tools to manage it (through JD4X system requests) on the front end. This might also include the redo of the existing process, thread and module reporting dialogs.

    R4) Java Applets.
    We need:
    - Calendar applet preferably integrated with the existing clock. - Weather applet (International weather).
    - Internet news (RSS feeds) applet.
    - Mail notification applet.
    - Disk space applet.

    If you already have such an application available (but as a seperate Java application), we would like to discuss with you on how we can integrate it into the desktop to make use of the JD4X system facilities.

    Many thanks for your inputs and contributions!

    • Hock Keong Tay

      Hock Keong Tay - 2005-05-01

      Hi there,

      I'm Tay, I will be your main contact for this project. Sure, we want your help. The software components that we lack are listed above. Contributions apart from those listed on this forum are also welcomed. Eg. You want to build something for your own use on JD4X but want to also share it with others in the community.

      Pick the task that is most suitable to your skills and time level, then start working on it. When you're done, sent the source code to me and I'll merge it into the appropriate release.

      What you should do:
      1)First download the source codes. There is a directory named "zesktop" in the source code package. This is the package you want to work on, study it. Zesktop is our version of KDE/Gnome. Also if you are interested about the core JD4X design and older documentation, you can read the  "jd4x/doc/dns-doc/dns.sxw" file (OpenOffice word format) or refer to any documentation we have in "jd4x/doc". Documentations are not complete and old but still some what useful when working on the project.

      2)For applets, you need to extend ZApplet and then add your own code. Refer to or in path "zesktop/widget/applet" for detailed examples.

      3)For larger projects like the JD4X file manager your need to extend Refer to "jd4x/doc/tutorial/" for details on how to build a minor module to use the backend facilities in JD4X.

      4)For independent components like the HTML editor and viewer, you don't need to write any JD4X specific code, just normal java code will do. Write it and send it to me, I'll just merge it in.

      Just a reminder, the source code must be in GPL license! You should copy the copyright header from any of our source files, then change the name and email to your own, also change the year to 2005 or the year that you publish the code. All future questions and maintainance request with regard to your code will then be forwarded to you.

      If you need more community support while developing for JD4X, you can sent your questions or code testing request to our mailing list and forums. There are no pressures or dead lines in open source projects like JD4X, you do what you can and we (the project maintainers) do not expect anything from you except your desire to participate within the community. After all, we are all just volunteers.

      Mailing list:
      Mailing list archive:

      Finally, if you have an account with (SourceForge), send me your handler name so that I can add you into the developer list if you so desire. This will also allow you to access our project facilities at when required. Also, your full name will be included on our project web site (as a contributer) as soon as we have accepted any source code or other stuff from you. Feel free to email me or message me if you see me appear on the JD4X P2P network.

      Tay Hock Keong
      (Project manager)

    • Noel O'Brien

      Noel O'Brien - 2005-10-19


      I'm a recent graduate in Software Engineering (almost all java) and I love the idea of a Java desktop!, I would like to help in any way i can. I have experience with graphics, multimedia, and databases. If there any specific area you would like me to tackle, let me know!!

      Keep up the great work.

      • Hock Keong Tay

        Hock Keong Tay - 2005-10-19

        Thanks for the offer. I'm currently busy and have put the project to a halt for now. Will get back to it when my time frees up. In the mean time, just have fun hacking JD4X for your own pleasure!

        Enjoy using the desktop.

    • theCreator

      theCreator - 2007-03-06

      Hi, I would like to contribute to this project.  I want to expand my java and c skills.  Please email me details on how I can get added to the current list of programmers.  I would like to study the code in the beginning and then begin programming.

      Thank you very much.

      • Hock Keong Tay

        Hock Keong Tay - 2007-03-07

        I've added you to the list of developers. You can check out the code and start playing with it. Everything you need can mostly be found in the forum discussions. If you have any questions you can email me or post it in the forums.



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