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Luigi B.
  • Luigi B.

    Luigi B. - 2011-03-23

    Maybe a J2ME version would be more useful.
    It could run on phones and small devices.

  • James Bryant

    James Bryant - 2011-03-24

    My day job is as a J2ME programmer so its definitely in the back of my mind.
    Possibly in the near term I'll be able to change the code to be Java 1.4
    instead of 1.5. That would be a good first step. My biggest worry is about how
    much RAM dosbox requires. The main heaps is what is specified in the config,
    like 8 or 16MB plus an additional 6MB for the video card. I have not looked
    closely at the paging RAM requirements. It seems to create several 1MB arrays
    to hold Objects so that must be a lot too. It definitely seems possible to
    reduce all those numbers but that will only work for simple dos games. But
    maybe that is all we can hope for now performance wise anyway. Currently my
    core i7 920 behaves like a 486 33MHz.

  • Luigi B.

    Luigi B. - 2011-03-25

    Well, a J2ME version would be slow, but it would have a reason to exist.
    About the memory, it would be necessary to make some tweaks in the code, and
    some are already suggested in a dosbox readme provided with the c++ source. I
    don't understand the 6M for the video card, but anyway that's part of the
    About the speed, the screen could be reduced to 320x240 to run in phones,
    making a video frame resize that will cut down memory usage and cpu cycles to
    manage screen updates. It seems that screen drawing is a big part of dosbox
    cpu usage.
    I don't see any reason why one would use a java version of dosbox to run on a
    standard PC with windows/linux, when there are already good native versions.
    Instead, there is lack of porting to embedded devices. Yes, there are portings
    to Android, S60 and WinCE, but I think that there is room for a good J2ME

  • James Bryant

    James Bryant - 2011-03-26

    Yeah, it should be fun to see how much java dosbox can be squeezed down to fit

    I checked in the necessary changes to make the code java 1.4 compliant. This
    is a good first step to getting j2me up and running.

  • Matt D

    Matt D - 2012-06-10

    ah if you have a fast enough phone you can use
    JPC or
    JPCme(not ready yet)


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