Applet Mouse sync and lock off


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-01-18

    I've noticed that when I am playing a mouse enabled game like "Worms" the
    mouse sync is off.. and also the mouse does not lock to the applet in the
    browser probably for obvious reasons.

    You can view the issue here (Choose PC and then Worms). I
    would really love to see this foxed as many people have emailed me about it.

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-01-19

    You do realize that your website is hosting illegal ROMs and full version
    software, right? I had no trouble using "View page source" to find the URLs
    for your games and download them off of your website. If you're going to use
    emulators that place the address of the game in the source code, you can be
    charged with distributing copyrighted material.

  • James Bryant

    James Bryant - 2012-01-31

    Some DOS games and Windows 3.1 use relative mouse positioning. In order for
    this to work Java needs full control of the mouse (in this case it uses the
    Robot class). This is only allowed in signed applets. If you sign the applet
    then clicking on the applet will capture the mouse, Dbl-right click will
    release the mouse.


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-07

    @ deathwombat - For all of the Abandonware sites out there pushing these old
    games and with PCGamer showcasing some of the best abandonware sites you
    really have to just calm down. Everyone is so eager to point out "what they
    feel is an issue" and push it on other people. There really is no reason for
    the finger shaking unless you are the rights holder to a certain game.. and if
    so please send the correct DMCA paperwork to for the
    game you can prove ownership of. If you own multiple games rights then please
    send a form for each game you wish to be removed.

    OR... just Relax ;)

    @Danoon2 - Thanks, I'll just let people suffer with learning to use the
    keyboard to play games. This is a great port of dosbox and if you want me to
    credit you for your work on the Console Clone site please just let me know! We
    plan on adding many more dos games over time.


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-07

    Oh, another question.. are there any applet perams to make the game playing
    area x2 or full screen? if so, a list of how to use these perams would be
    amazing! :)

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-02-07

    "There really is no reason for the finger shaking unless you are the rights
    holder to a certain game"

    In other words, no should say anything when they witness a crime unless it
    affects them personally. It's not encumbent on the rights holders to force you
    to remove the content that your site is illegally hosting. You are aware that
    your site is breaking the law, and you should correct that infraction

    And what if someone was illegally distributed something that you owned the
    rights to? Would it be okay for them to knowingly do so as long as you never
    found out? As you said, only the rights holder can file a DMCA request, so if
    you never find out, they're free to rip you off for as long as they want.


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-08

    Wow, there are seriously A-holes like you everywhere on the net.

    Obviously I don't care that I am offering content you may find illegal, I
    don't find it to be illegal.. so lets just agree to disagree.

    And seriously.. who is going to load up an applet version of dosbox to play a
    game in a browser when it is 10x easier just to fire it up on their desktop.
    This applet was made to share content on the internet.. so you are trolling
    the wrong set of people.

    So I guess that leads to question for you.. what are you using jdosbox for?

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-02-09

    The legality of distributing copyrighted ROMs and full version software isn't
    a matter of opinion. Copyright on software lasts a minimum of 75 years. There
    is no room for disagreement on that point. If you don't understand the law,
    consult a lawyer.

    I use jDosbox to play games online all the time. It's much faster and easier
    than downloading a game, installing it somewhere and loading up DOSBox to play
    it. I use jDosbox to make legally redistributable software playable on my
    website. There are thousands of PD ROMs and freeware games for you to put
    online. Copyright law is not an inconvenience; it exists to protect the rights
    of people who create great games.

  • LeChuck

    LeChuck - 2012-02-10


    Well done, fantastic bit of software! Have been playing with it for a few days
    and it runs great. I would also really like to see some functionality for
    scaling up the output. Very cheeky I know, I'm not a coder so cant contribute
    I'm afraid :) I've tried the signed jdosbox.jar with output=overlay and
    scaler=normal3x in dosbox.conf. Seems to be ignored though, a game will appear
    regular size, but when I exit to the dos prompt and type 'scaler', I can see
    that it is in fact set to normal3x.


    Nice site :) if you ever decide to go with the signed jar, ctrl & f10 also
    releases the mouse


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-10


    Sigh, go preach to someone else, I'm bored of your point of view.


    I would also love to see scaling or 2x scaling implemented in the future :)

    @ Papalazarous

    Thanks. I will look into signing after ConsoleClone has matured a bit.. It was
    the same thing before but it was built as a social site. It would seem that
    "games" and "social" go together but it just lead to trolls like my friend
    Wombat here lol

    So now I've redone it to do what it does best and I'm just adding more
    features and games.


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-11

    @ deathwombat

    WOW, after all that "Abandonware is bad" I find out that you are pushing
    another website that lets people play pirated dos games online... ROFL u noob!

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-02-11

    There is not one pirated or illegal game on my website. I exhaustively
    research the legality of distributing every game that I put on my website, and
    I contact the copyright holders of discontinued software to ask them about
    freeware releases. To date, I've gotten 28 games declared freeware. After
    doing this for 7 years, I hardly think that I'm a noob.

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-02-11

    Apparently pointing out illegal activity makes me a troll. Just remember that
    when copyright enforcement organizations like the RIAA, MPAA and ESA take
    these cases to court, juries can award up to $150,000 per infringing file. You
    have 149 illegal ROMs alone, so a jury could render a judgement of up to
    $22,350,000 for the console games alone. The court could take every penny you
    earn for the rest of your life. If you think it can't happen, read up on
    Jammie Thomas, who has been in
    court for four years and had a jury award $1.92 million in damages for sharing
    just 24 songs. I'm doing you a favor with this warning. You don't have to be
    grateful, but try not to be rude.


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-11

    Are you done yet?

    You are upset that my armor isn't as shiny as yours and don't like the
    competition for traffic, I hear you.

    Besides I have had DCMA take down notices before and it didn't result in
    millions of dollars in legal fees. They gave me fair warning with proof, and I
    removed the content. The person in your scare tactics link refused to remove
    the content. This might work on noobs but I have also been doing things liek
    this for years.

    Get used to it, another site is using this applet and you disagree with it,
    suck it up buttercup. Oh, and you are Trolling, someone who puts the time into
    a site like mine obviously knows what they are doing by now.. and don't need
    the same lecture from a bunch of Internet Police Deputies ROFL


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-11

    PS.. You just added

    "Sonic & Knuckles Collection 1997"

    That is not Abandoneware nor freeware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now we can keep this childish behavior going or we can coexist!

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-02-11

    It's a shareware demo. Download the game and see for yourself. Do some
    research so you don't make yourself look stupid.

  • DOSGuy

    DOSGuy - 2012-02-11

    If you've had DMCA takedown notices, then you're perfectly aware that what
    you're doing is illegal, and now you've publicly admitted that you've made a
    decision to continue hosting illegal content it until someone forces you stop.
    I did the right thing by pointing out your illegal activity and warning you
    about how much that activity could cost you. You don't have to be grateful,
    but you also don't need to be rude. If you're not going to stop what you're
    doing, at least keep your mouth shut about it.


    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-12

    I said I have had DMCA take down notices before, I didn't say on this site

    You started this you fool.. now shut up and move on, you can thank me for
    helping you become less of a noobtroll when you finally shut your gaping blow
    hole and stop trying to enforce your point of view while hiding behind the

    Now.. don't make an even bigger fool out of yourself by posting a reply, just
    move on. If you reply, you are just proving you are a troll with nothing
    better to do that wet your cyberbed while laying in it! Go enjoy your site, I
    will enjoy mine.. I think the internet is big enough for both websites.



    MWMDRAGON - 2012-02-13

    Actually DeathWombat...

    I see you are in Ottawa and I can't be this mean to a fellow Canadian. SO...
    I'm sorry for being a dick, lets just agree to disagree and be Canadian about
    it :) Deal?


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