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HowTo: Extending VSSExtension

The VSSExtension fires an event after every VSS Operation performed. This means that there is a possibility to perform additional automated actions, by extending the listener interface.


import org.jdev10.vss.api.VSSOperationListener
import org.jdev10.vss.api.OperationEvent

public void operationPerformed(OperationEvent e) {
switch (e.getOperationType()) {
case e.ADDED:
case e.CHECKED_IN:
case e.GET_LATEST:

Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-08-08

Release 0.5 is now available

This is just a small bugfix release which contains a fix for bug ID 1535734 (SS Add adds files to wrong path in VSS)

Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-08-07

Developer notice:

For those of you who has downloaded the source codes for this extension; Feel free to look at different approaches, or enhancements which will result in a better extension.

If you find anything you wish to change, please report your progress back to me. I will implement the changes in the original code and release a new version, if your change is appropriate.

This way, more people can benefit from the problem you have solved.... read more

Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-04-20

Release 0.4 is now available

This is to be concidered a bugfix release. Some new features have been added, but nothing major.
Users of 0.3 version, should however upgrade immediatelly. There were some critical bugs in the previous version, which are now resolved.

Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-04-12

Installation malfunction resolved!

Through great help from Shay Shmeltzer and Brian Duff of the Oracle Corporation, this error has now been resolved.
Installing this extension from the JDeveloper Update center is now possible.


Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-04-11

Installation malfunction through JDevs Update center

The extension seems to malfunction on some computers if installed through the JDevelopers Update center.
I am currently in dialog with both Shay Shmeltzer and Brian Duff of the JDeveloper development team to figure out why.

If you are having problems installing this extension, follow these instructions:
* Download the zip onto your computer
* Unpack
* Find the org.jdev10.vss.VSSExtension.0.3.jar file, and copy it to your jdeveloper installation folder under /jdev/extensions/
* Restart JDeveloper. The extension should now be active.

Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-04-09

First release is now available

Shay Shmeltzer from the Oracle corporation will be notified of this as soon as possible, and the extension will be available on the JDeveloper update center.

Posted by Øystein Amundsen 2006-04-07

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