#1 uplift library to lucene 2.4

Unstable (example)

This is try to uplift the library to lucene 2.4.0
add some words extracted from file path into keywords, so that a search on "exe" could display all exe files. This is my intention to be able to search all files.
some corrections for warnings.

Built on jre1.6.06
extra libs can downloaded from


  • Jörg Jahnke

    Jörg Jahnke - 2009-01-01
    • status: open --> pending
  • Jörg Jahnke

    Jörg Jahnke - 2009-01-01

    Thanks for the patch. Some issues remain:
    - Many files: You did replace some occurences of constants like e.g. a
    "this.DEBUG" by "<classname>.DEBUG". This is good because the "this.DEBUG"
    causes warnings in Eclipse and other IDEs. IMO it would have been even
    better to replace a "this.DEBUG" by simply "DEBUG" and to omit the class

    - Some files: You sometimes did add a comment like "lmcyisu need to do this
    and that". Please remove those comments. If you want to comment that
    something needs to be done please add a comment like "// TODO: do this and
    that". If the needed change is not keyed to a specific code line then such a
    comment can also be done in the javadoc header e.g. "@todo do this and

    - PlainTextDocumentParser.java: Could you explain what the
    getReaderable-method is doing? It should also get some javadoc documentation
    added. Also I don't understand the use of the limitation of i<100 inside the
    parse-method. Can you explain this?

    - AbstractIndexManager.java: The method isIndexableFileType now always
    returns true. Why is this the case? Also the method doIndexing has a new
    "System.err.println("In which condition? "+e.getMessage())" in one of the
    catch-blocks. Why has this code been added? If it was for debugging then it
    should be encapsulated by a "if(DEBUG)" statement.

    Could you please modify the patch and resolve these issues? Overall the changes look very promising and I would like to integrate the changes. But with the above issues I cannot (or will not ;-)) do so.


  • sy

    sy - 2009-01-05

    patch update 2

  • sy

    sy - 2009-01-05

    I update 2nd version of patch, in this version
    I try to find all this.DEBUG type of warnings and correct them to DEBUG
    use correct format of //TODO comments.
    not use getReadable method anymore, as this is intended to be used for binary file
    take out isIndexableFileType, as all the files will be indexed at least for properties.
    add a slightly modified version of LucenePDFDocument from PDFBox, as the original version doesn't work somehow.
    the testing printout is enclosed with DEBUG flag.

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