Try setting these variables in your prj.el file.
(jde-project-file-version "1.0")
 '(jde-compile-option-directory "./classes")
 '(jde-sourcepath (quote ("./src/main" "./src/test")))
 '(jde-global-classpath (quote ("./classes"))))

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 4:56 AM, Schnecki <> wrote:
Hi folks,

the last couple days I tried to set up Emacs for Java development.
Therefore, I configured Cedet 2.0, ECB 2.40 and JDE 2.4.1. However, I am
having problems getting the JDE configuration running.

Unfortunately I never could read anything about the main idea of the
structure JDE uses.
If I create a project, I get a "src" and a "classes" folder.

So my intend was to use the "src" folder for the sources. Furthermore, I
thought the classes folder will be used by JDE to put in the "*.class"
files. That actually didn't happen. If this is just because of a faulty
config, what I guess, could you please tell me where I can find a sample
configuration (or provide me yours).

My basic idea of how the structure should look like:

Project folder
 | - prj.el
 | - classes           # I don't know what to do with it.
 | - src
        | - test
        |    - org
        |       - testproject
        |           - somepackage
        |               -
        |               -
        | - main
        |    - org
        |       - testproject
        |           - somepackage
        |               -
        |               -
        |           - otherpackage
        |               -
        |               - ...

However, I can only compile if I do not use any "package" declarative in
the source files and if I put all files in the src folder (no

Most likely my classpath is not set properly. Unfortunatelly, I don't
know how to set it (or how it automatically gets set for all

Please help me a little bit out with that. Thanks guys.


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