I think I have something like this implemented.  Would either of you want to try it and see if it fits your needs?  I use JDEE to launch programs, so this isn't something I am going to spend a lot of time on without outside input.

You can download the code from subversion at https://jdibug.googlecode.com/svn/branches/sync, or I can upload a new tarfile to download.

If you run from subversion, you'll need to run "make" in the top level directory.

To use the feature, customize jdibug-run-* as appropriate, then to M-x jdibug-run.  (It should also be on the jdibug menu.)


2010/6/3 Lei Wang <tendant@gmail.com>
Troy Daniels <udalrich.schermer@gmail.com> writes:

> 2010/5/23 Przemysław Wojnowski <esperanto@cumego.com>
>     Hi.
>     Maybe i'm missing something, but, at least for me, it would be nice to
>     be able to start jdibug easly (from jdee mode). Simple use case is that
>     user is developping some class, sets breakpoint and wants to start app
>     in debug mode to debug current method. Is there a simple way to do it in
>     jdibug? IMHO this is the most common use case.
> It's fairly straightforward to do this, but more complex than with JDEbug or the jdb interface.  You have to configure JDEE to include parameters to act as a server for a
> debugger connection.  (That only needs to be done once.)  Then you run your program (C-c C-v C-r), wait for it to start and connect (C-c C-c C-c).  That's slightly more
> complicated than the built-in method (C-c C-v C-d) but not overly complicated. 
> It looks like I could tie in with the built-in method by defining a debugger class for JDIbug (assuming there was an option to select that instead of just JDEbug and
> jdb).
> Troy

Hi Troy,

Thanks for maintaining jdibug. I have been a jdibug users for a
while. Jdibug was one of the reasons that I could use emacs as Java IDE
instead of Eclipse.

I am developing J2EE web application, debug information is configured
in application server. So the configuration for using jdibug is pretty
simple for me, just set jdibug-connect-hosts.

But the configuration is not that straight forward for even debug a
simple HelloWorld java class. If jdibug can provide a simple interface
for configuration and start debugger, it will encourage more users to
give a try. For example, just provide a simple function to set up
vm-args, run program and start debugger.


>     If it could be started more easly, then it would have a bigger user
>     base.
>     Regards,
>     Przemek
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