That seems like it should work.




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These are details we haven't yet worked out, but I'm thinking no.


Maven is 100% java so as long as JDEE ships with the necessary maven jars the JVM started by emacs will invoke maven through the running JVM and not a fork/exec on the shell script that kicks off a new JVM to run the maven build.


In your case, the first time it runs it will download the ant plugin.  Someone else on this list has a concern about running it offline but that's a different discussion.



On May 6, 2013, at 2:24 PM, Troy Daniels <> wrote:

I'm not certain that you fully understood my point.  I do not have maven installed:


$ mvn

-bash: mvn: command not found


$ maven

-bash: mvn: command not found


Will I need to install maven to have JDEE work?  In some of the places I work, installing new software is difficult, so I would not want to  have maven be a required dependency of JDEE.




On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 2:27 PM, Paul Landes <> wrote:

Hi Troy,


Nice to hear from you again and I appreciate your concern.


You can invoke ant builds from maven and there is ant support built directly in to maven.  This is done via the ant plugin, which you can either invoke a build on a file (i.e. build.xml) or directly embed ant XML in a pom.



On May 1, 2013, at 6:15 PM, "Daniels, Troy (US SSA)" <> wrote:



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Subject: Re: [jdee-devel] [jdee-users] Call to Fork or simply for JDEE TODO items


My thinking is that maven will be a dependency.  JDEE supporting ant, maven, javac compilations is one huge contributing reason for its bloat.


Would declaring offline mode in the ~/.m2/settings.xml and making all needed dependencies available for download from SF be sufficient?  Should be a one line file change and a unzip/untar in ~/.m2/repository.



Would you then be able to use JDEE without installing maven?  Pretty much all of our java project use Ant for building, and maven is often not even installed. 







On May 1, 2013, at 12:56 PM, Gian Uberto Lauri <> wrote:


On 01/mag/2013, at 16:18, Dave Paroulek <> wrote:


- Maven: either as a separate JVM process or preferably in the same JVM as the development services JVM


And most of all, KEEP MAVEN OPTIONAL.


I ask this is because Maven behind an http proxy that requires authentication is an unpleasant experience at least.


If someone has a clean, safe - no passwords on the command line - solution to that problem, the recipe is welcome.


Gian Uberto Lauri

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