#1 "quick-fix" mechanism


Len Trigg [lenbok+mljdee@gmail.com]:

It would be really nice if there was a way to have a general "quick-fix" mechanism in jdee. Perhaps something where each quick fix defined a regexp to match on the current compilation error line to determine whether it should be active, plus an action to take if the user opts for that quick fix. Jdee would evaluate the set of active quick fixes whenever the currently selected error changes (updating a quick-fix menu). We could add to the suite of quick-fixes over time, and users could define their own.

add throws to current method
add catch block to existing try
add try-catch block to selected region

(Presumably the regexps would be dependent on whichever compiler the user is currently using, so there may need to be different lists for ecb vs javac vs jikes etc)

Actually, searching through the archives, it seems Kai Grossjohann had started an initial version of this in 2004...


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