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JDecisiontable 2.3.2-beta2 is now JDecisiontable 2.3.2

I used the beta 2 of JDecisiontable 2.3.2 to release JDecisiontable 2.3.2.

The main reason for this release is a bugfix: It did not correctly recognize the program folder. This affects only users which provided translations and did not pack them in the jar file but copied them next to the program file. This works now (approved on Linux and Windows).

Also there is a fix in the documentation, see ticket #1.

Posted by Michael Groß 2016-07-17

JDecisiontable 2.3.2 beta2 provided

Reason for the new beta is a fix in the documentation: https://sourceforge.net/p/jdecisiontable/tickets/1/.

I made a beta to test a fix on Windows (I dont have a windows machine). The test was successful. I'll come backe and release soon.

Posted by Michael Groß 2016-07-17

JDecisiontable 2.3.1 is released

As promised on Twitter (@mgmechanics) I release JDecisiontable 2.3.1 today.

The most notable change is that you now can open several files at once, decision tables as well as node specifications. I wonder that no-one did complain about?

Thre is also another new feature: Screenshots! While updating the documentation I was annoyed that adding a screenshot need to much steps. Moreover the screenshots wasted space by displaying the window title bar. So I added Tools -> Screenshot which gives you a png file showing the program window - without title bar!... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2016-03-06

5+ Years of JDecisiontable...

According to the LICENSE file the project started 2011. But I remember that I started programming a predecessor of JDecisiontableLib in 2010 in Scala (later converted to JRuby). The code wasn't really object-oriented, I was just about to learn it. Then, in 2011, I coded first JDecisiontableLib, then JDecisiontable itself using Java 6. JavaFx was not available on Linux then. I expected to get in touch with Swing however and so I choosed Swing to get the GUI.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2016-02-13 Labels: JDecisiontable

JDecisiontable 2.3.0 (final) released

Today I released JDecisiontable 2.3.0 (final). I added the necessary tests and they all were OK. The only thing I had to correct was that I forget to give the objects behind the menu items "Undo" and "Redo" names. This doesn't affect any user, just the test automation.

Yesterday I had an idea how to generate source code from a test specification and about an additional check for decision tables. Lets see.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2015-05-16 Labels: JDecisiontable

Asking for a "Hi"

Hi there,
As only two persons mailed me and only one person was giving me a star for JDecisiontable I going to think that maybe nobody uses that software.

I checked the download stats and found 66 downloads for JDecisiontable 2.2 (as JDecisiontable_2.2.0.zip) for this year. Are the downloads done by robots or by real people?

In the same time there were only 5 downloads of the underlying JDecisiontableLib (as JDecisiontableLib-2.1.0.zip). Both files are about of same size, both are zip archives. Would a robot make a difference between both files? No, but a human being?... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2015-05-03

JDecisiontable will be continued using Java!

JDecisiontable will be continued using Java!

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-08-14

Deleted my account at Bintray

I deleted my account at Bintray because I can not use this repository. It is too confusing to me. It does not mean any kind of lost of interest. Because of what happend to TrueCrypt I think it is better to point this :-)

I was originally signing in because I want to provide the libraries via Apache Maven repository. Im now heading to use Maven Central.

By the way: This is not TrueCrypt. This software comes with a licence which is short, clearly and wide spread. The TrueCrypt team did a great job for many years but why do they do leave us with such a monster of a licence?... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-06

Problem with JDecisiontable for .NET discovered

I discovered a bothersome problem with JDecisiontable for .NET:
Shortcuts like Ctrl-Alt-R, Ctrl-Alt-I etc doesn't work. Please use the menu items. With Java these shortcuts work (both, .NEt and Java version tested with Windows(R)). I don't know if this is my fault or if it is a problem with IKVM.

I still released a .NET version for JDecisiontable_2.3.0-BETA1. Undo/redo seems to work here too.

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-06

Added an important document to Help zip files

I just added an important document to Help zip files.

It is named How_To_Make_Decisiontables and describes the technique of process-oriented decision tables for which JDecisiontable is the software.

For good reasons, the development of this document is tracked in the project JDecisiontableLib in the folder Help.

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-06

Release of JDecisiontable_2.3.0-BETA1

(There was a post before but accidently I deleted it)

I released JDecisiontable_2.3.0-BETA1 so you may try out the undo/redo feature I added since JDecisiontable_2.2.0.

There is a branch version_2.3.0_BETA1 from which these binaries are build.

Currently, the menu items for undo and redo are disabled when no decision table is open but not when there no action to undo or redo is available. But I took care that nothing happens if you hit undo or redo in the situation. Just the menu items are not disabled yet.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-06

Added undo/redo for JDecisiontable 2.3.0

I added undo/redo for JDecisiontable 2.3.0. It seems to work but it needs of course proper testing.

I merged the branch version_2.3.0_addUndo into the branch master to complete the next release. Please be patient.

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-05

Command pattern successful applied

The command pattern was successful applied in branch version_2.3.0_applyCmdPattern. All Tests are OK again. So I merged the branch version_2.3.0_applyCmdPattern into branch master.

Now I am working on branch version_2.3.0_addUndo to implement the undo/redo feature. You should find a new menu for this purpose.

Edit: I decided to add the menu items "Undo" and "Redo" below "Tools".

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-05

Removed old branches

I just removed some old branches from the remote repository:








Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-04

Preparing JDecisiontable 2.3.0

Recently I started to prepare JDecisiontable 2.3.0. This release is intend to introduce the ability to undo/redo actions. I.e. if you remove a rule you can undo this action - this restores the removed rule.

I do this by implementing the command pattern. This means we will not sotre the whole decision table after each action but to store each command. Each command does not only know how to change the decision table it also knows how to revert this change. So we need only very little bit additional memory for undo/redo.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-06-04

Released JDecisiontable 2.2.0, updating JDecisiontable 2.1.0

I just released JDecisiontable 2.2.0. Beside some cleaner code in the sources the noticeable change is that you can copy-and-paste decision tables and test specifications to the clipboard. This feature was added because the Decision Table Creator - also hosted on sourceforge - has it too.

You may mark any range of cells of a decision table and the press Ctrl + c. This will copy the content of the marked cell to the clipboard. If you want to copy the whole decision table to the clipboard you need either to use the menu or to click on the label on top of the tab first and then press Ctrl + c.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-05-21

Uploaded new files because I forget the icons

I uploaded new files because I forget to include the icons so that users can apply an icon to the launcher.

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-05-18

JDecisiontable 2.2.0

Currently I do JDecisiontable 2.2.0. There will be three new menu items which enable you to copy decison tables or test specifications to the clipboard.

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-05-17

Release of JDecisiontable for Microsoft® .NET® 2.1.0

So, here it is: JDecisiontable for Microsoft® .NET® 2.1.0. I used a newer version of IKVM compared with JDecisiontable for Microsoft® .NET® 2.0.1 (7.4. release candidate 0), now it looks and feels better.

Furthermore I updated the documentation (README, LIESMICH, THIRD_PARTY_LICENSES because of IKVM).

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-05-17

Release of JDecisiontable 2.1.0

Today I can release JDecisiontable 2.1.0.

There are not so much changes here. At first you may recognize that there is an additional column in the left hand table. Now each node has a number as each rule as a number. This number doesn't appear in the reports. If you open a CSV file in a spreadsheet application there is a line number for this purpose.

Another remarkable change is that CSV files are no longer encoded as UTF-8. Now they are encoded as UTF-16LE with Byte Order Mark. In brief, this change makes it a lot easier to open CSV files using Microsoft(R) Excel(R). Trying with different encodings and Microsoft(R) Excel(R) 2010 proved that this encoding caused Microsoft(R) Excel(R) to open such a file just by a double click! Libre Office also opened it but asks for the ecoding - "Unicode" is the right answer.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-05-14

Work in progress

Maybe you watch the commits I made but dont know about the goal behind them?

JDecisiontable 2.1.0 is code- and feature completed so far. All existing automatic tests were green. I am working on the underlying library JDecisiontableLib which temporary breaks JDecisiontable so the automatic tests will be red for few days. These changes were triggered by examining my source code with PMD and FindBugs. You will find more details in the JDecisiontableLib project blog.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2014-03-05

Merry Christmas - developing goes on!

If you got some questions or need help you may email me. I can take a week until I answer but I will do.

And - a user emailed me. I could help him quickly. Now I knew someone out there uses JDecisiontable. I'm happy.

Moreover, this user uses the NET-version I did with IKVM! Without this users feedback I would have discontinued to provide NET-versions but so I will continue to provide them.

After having a release of Bifurcum/Bifurcumlib 1.0x/2.0.x I will care about JDecisiontable again. It would be nice to remember the files I used recently.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2013-12-21

Development will continue

Actually i'm busy with earning money as software-tester but development will go on.
I'm very interested in it because I want to get hired as developer. To have fresh open-source projects is meant to compensate that I'm an engineer but never studied informatics (and hired as software-tester, too).

There are some minor features like open recent files or copy the content of a decisiontable to clipboard left. I now have Emma to measure code coverage (after Cobertura quitted working right before JDecisiontable 2.0.1) and Findbugs to find possible bugs. I will apply both later.... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2013-07-14

Thank you, Hannah Smith!

I got my first recommendataion for JDecisiontable!!!
Thank you, Hannah Smith!

Posted by Michael Groß 2013-06-10

MIT licence

I decided to apply the MIT licence after reading this helpful article: Closing the Loophole: Open Source Licensing & the Implied Patent License written by Christian H. Nadan.

I still don't hold any patent and have no patent pending. So the shift away from Apache License is not to trick you but to make life a lot easier again *).... read more

Posted by Michael Groß 2013-03-15

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