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JDBWC Documentation website

The JDBWC Documentation website is back online. You can find it here: http://jdbwc.oz-devworx.com.au


Posted by Tim Gall 2016-08-17

JDBWC version 1.0.1-1rc released

JDBWC version 1.0.1-1rc is available from the projects download area and from the svn repository.

Downloads area: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jdbwc/files/jdbwc/v1.0.1-1rc/

SVN repo: http://jdbwc.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/jdbwc/DriverBundle/JDBWC_1.x.x/branches/v1.0.1.1rc/

Posted by Tim Gall 2012-04-01

JDBWC version 1.0.1-1rc committed to svn

JDBWC version 1.0.1-1rc (Release Candidate) has been committed to svn.
Production testing has been good so far and seems to indicate its stable enough for real world use. I have been testing this version in a threaded production application with encouraging results.
The downloads area will be updated with the new package this month (2012-03).... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2012-03-15

JDBWC version 1.0.1-1rc release pending

JDBWC version 1.0.1-1rc (Release Candidate) release is currently pending.

Some of the changes include an upgraded transport layer from Apache-HttpClient 4.0.1 to 4.1.3. Also a couple of bug fixes, one in particular that was causing an intermittent "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Connection pool shut down" error when being used by threaded applications. This was corrected by changing the httpClient transport manager to a threadsafe manager and increasing the number of usable connections and per-route connections.
A critical error was also appearing with MySqli serverside connections using PHP 5.2.13 (and possibly other versions < PHP5.3).
Support for jre7 compilation has also been added.... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2012-03-12

JDK 7 compliance

Unfortunately I haven't had much time this year to work on the driver. I have a JDK7 compliant version which I have been using for myself that I will make available in the downloads area early 2012. At the moment it contains the new (currently empty) methods required by JDK7 for compilation without warnings. I will try and complete the methods before I make the official release. It also includes a fix regarding internal imports. It seems when jar generation uses the index setting, a poorly documented byproduct is it also ignores the "class-path" manifest parameter. To get around it the jar needs to be compiled with indexing off OR all of the dependent jars need to be added to your programs classpath along with jdbwc.jar. Leaving (jar manifest) indexing on results in slightly better performance according to information Ive studied.... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2011-12-21

New Website for JDBWC

JDBWC has a new website to allow for more content and easier administration. The new website runs on a WikiMedia platform. Content has been made easier to find and version specific. More content will be added as its compiled.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-06-09

JDBWC v1.0.0-4beta available for download

JDBWC v1.0.0-4beta is officially available for download. This release has a vast number of improvements over previous versions including:
Communications are powered by Apache.HttpClient-4.0.1.
This version is compatible with SQuirreL SQL Client, DB-Visualizer and SQL-Workbench.

See the release notes for more information.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-06-09

JDBWC v1.0.0-5 SVN branch committed

v1.0.0-5 has been committed to SVN. So far the database specific classes and methods have been migrated to brand specific packages. This makes the actual database JDBWC is communicating with pretty much transparent to the driver and makes further database integration much easier.

The next step for v1.0.0.5 development will be an attempt at getting the javax.sql.DataSource interface implementations finished. This will be started after the official release of v1.0.0.4 (which is currently in testing).

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-31

JDBWC v1.0.0-3beta available for download

JDBWC v1.0.0-3beta has been made available in the official downloads area. v1.0.0-3beta is an intermediate release pending v1.0.0-4beta.

If you wish to use JDBWC in a project, I would recommend using v1.0.0-4beta which will be made available in the official download area within the next few days. v1.0.0-4 is compatible with a range of SQL Clients and is far more accurate, robust and flexible than v1.0.0-3. v1.0.0-4 sources are currently available from the SVN server http://jdbwc.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/jdbwc/

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-28

JDBWC v1.0.0-4 ready for official release

Following some intensive testing JDBWC v1.0.0-4 will be added to the official releases. The official release is expected to be within the next few days.

The next stage of development will see database related code migrated into brand specific packages. DataSource implementations are also planned.

The PostgreSQL implementation still needs some minor work for full SQuirreL SQL client compatibility, other SQL clients seem fine. Its expected this will also be included in the next version.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-26

JDBWC v1.0.0-4 SQL Client compatibility

PostgreSQL metadata support has been added for SQL Client compatibility. A further update for the PostgreSQL metadata is expected before the files are made available in the official releases (downloads).

The updated Install doc (TODO section) explains the next main steps for the drivers evolution. In summary the next release will see database specific functionality migrated into brand-name packages so more databases can be supported by the driver.
The release following that will be oriented towards query synchronization which should also provide some of the ground work for using thread stacks.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-20

JDBWC v1.0.0-4 SQL Client compatibility

SVN has been updated with the latest development code. v1.0.0-4beta is compatible and very functional in a range of SQL clients. The current version in SVN is limited to MySQL database support (PostgreSQL support has not been completely updated yet). The PostgreSQL support will be updated and released soon (days/weeks), then an official release will be made available.

Plans for the next branch release are already in the pipeline and will include migrating all database specific code into package folders to make further database integration more streamlined while maintaining basic file consistency.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-05-14

JDBWC v1.0.0.4 SQL Client compatibility

The proxy issue mentioned earlier is fixed.
A considerable effort has been made to make the driver usable in a range of SQL clients. Progress is going well but uncovered a few flaws in the ResultSetMetaData functionality. I knew it needed a lot of work but had been putting it off.
ResultSetMetaData is in the process of being fixed using a completely new approach from the older system. As a result the promised SVN updates (last week) will be delayed in order to finish the new ResultSetMetaData system. Theres more info on the projects website about this topic. An new article will be posted when the driver has passed its current line of testing and has been updated in SVN.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-04-26

Quick note on the latest svn update

The new proxy support needs some more work. At the moment if the host and proxy use different protocols the driver will fail. Ill fix this over the next 24 hours. The next SVN update will be later this week.
Next stage:
Other than accessing a remote host through a proxy using mixed protocols, testing will extend to more intensive industry tests to ascertain what areas need work the most.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-04-20

JDBWC v1.0.0.4beta updates

The JDBWC v1.0.0.4 SVN files will be updated over the next day (or two at most).
Will be adding:
Support for using any port on the remote server (instead of only 80 and 443).
Support for 1 non-transparent proxy server between the driver and the server.
* Updated Install docs and a few other minor changes.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-04-19

JDBWC v1.0.0.4beta committed to SVN

The latest version of JDBWC is available from the SVN server under branches. It sports a new Apache-HttpClient 4.0.1 (stable) backend. JDBWC v1.0.0.4 uses transparent gzip receive streams if supported by the server.
A lot of work has gone into this release, including better installation docs, better exception handling, updated javadocs and way more than I care to mention in this news item. v1.0.0.4 contains all of the improvement of v1.0.0.3 and extends upon them.
An official downloadable release will be made available for v1.0.0.3 and v1.0.0.4 over the coming weeks (until then, stable (beta) copies are available from the svn branches. Any bugs fixes or minor updates I come up with before the official releases will be committed to the branches)

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-04-18

JDBWC v1.0.0.3beta committed to SVN

JDBWC v1.0.0.3beta has been committed to SVN. Most of the dev work is carried out in my local svn server. The Sourceforge copy will mainly be used for developers who want to use the driver, fiddle around with it or just look. v1.0.0.3 is stable. Further updates to the v1.0.0.3 release will mainly be from v1.0.0.4 (which is also stable but not currently in Sourceforge SVN as more work will be done first). Im expecting to make an official release of v1.0.0.3 after the weekend (due to the planned downtime). A v1.0.0.4 will be release shortly after including SVN and official download type.
Both releases include major work to the communications layer (v1.0.0.4 has a completely new communication layer using Apache HttpClient 4.0.1 stable). More info will be release later.

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-04-16

Version to be released in April

A new version ( of JDBWC will be released this month which corrects a number of shortfalls in the earlier releases.
It includes a brand new server-side (better security, better exception reporting, server-side logging) Serverside authentication is now handled by the API instead of relying on Apache server authentication. In the JDBC side: better exception handling (stripped out the old exception handling system and replaced it with a new leaner, more helpful system). Particular attention has been paid to starting a new connection including helpful exceptions for: web server offline, database offline, incorrect URL in connection string, user/pass errors, database login errors and a host of others. A more coherent summary is available on the JDBWC website: http://jdbwc.sourceforge.net/
JDBWC uses apache HttpClient 3.1. Future releases will use apache HttpClient 4.0.1 in order to take advantage of better cookie handling and transparent gzip compression (to name a few).

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-04-11

Regarding future updates

Well, Im a little overdue on this project. At the moment Im neck deep in PHP5 study, so will attend to some of the serverside portion of the driver once thats behind me (seems the best time). Then Ill be moving on to (more) Java study, so will take that oportunity to spruce up the client side JDBC implementation. During this time I will also attend to licensing questions Ive had raised to try and make the driver more suitable for commercial project adoption. To clarify that last statement, Im only refering to licensing, not to value. The driver will still remain cost free. If anyone wants to be informed when a new release is available for download, feel free to email me and ill add you to the mailing list (NOTE: mails are only sent out when new releases are available).

Posted by Tim Gall 2010-03-19

JDBWC Update plan

Over the next few months (time permitted) the JDBWC package and website will get some minor updates and improvements.

While I'm at it, I'll have a closer look at the new Apache-httpClient 4.0 to determine if the parts JDBWC will be using are currently available and stable in the beta release.
If httpClient-4 all looks good I should be able to integrate it into JDBWC to replace the existing httpClient 3.x.... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2009-05-23

JDBWC Available

The summary of fixes/changes in JDBWC includes:

1) fixed: Null ResultSet values cause problems with Date related types.
2) fixed: Zero'd dates getting changed to 2001-01-01 when using ResultSet.getDate([int, label]) to retrieve them.
3) fixed: Connection.isClosed() not working
4) fixed: creating a new Connection by passing the Driver a Properties file fails.
5) Made the Driver parameter keys more consistent with conventional jdbc naming conventions.
6) Minor Code Clean up in the Connection implementation.
7) Binary distribution compiled with jdk 1.6.0_10... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2008-10-30

JDBWC updates completed

The updates mentioned in the last news article have been completed. A few new issues have also been fixed. The new build should be released at the end of this month.

The summary of fixes/changes includes:
1) fixed: Null ResultSet values cause problems with Date related types.
2) fixed: Zero'd dates getting changed to 2001-01-01 when using ResultSet.getDate([int, label]) to retrieve them.
3) fixed: Connection.isClosed() not working
4) fixed: creating a new Connection by passing the Driver a Properties file fails.
5) improved: Made the Driver parameter keys more consistent with conventional jdbc naming conventions.
6) improved: Minor Code Clean up in the Connection implementation.
7) improved: binary distribution compiled with jdk 1.6.0_10-b33

Posted by Tim Gall 2008-10-20

JDBWC Updates in progress

On-going Testing has uncovered a few issues with the driver that will be fixed as soon as I have time. The major points are described below.

1) Null ResultSet values can cause problems with types like Date (and possibly Number classes).
2) Zero'd dates may be getting changed to 2001-01-01 when using ResultSet.getDate([int, label]) to retrieve them.

The expected release time for the updated package is the end of this month (2008-10) if theres no delays.

Posted by Tim Gall 2008-10-12

JDBWC beta Released today

JDBWC beta was released today.
The new release includes some major fixes and improvements.

See the Change-Log and Release-Notes for more information.

Tim Gall.

Posted by Tim Gall 2008-09-07

Release date extended

The release date of the new JDBWC package has been extended by a few days or so. I expect to make it available at the end of the first week in September (2008).

The new version contains a number of improvements and fixes that bring the package much closer to a full release.

Major changes:
Core data handler migration to an external package.
Included a HashMap implementation of the core data handler.
* Fine tuning and performance tweaks to the ArrayList implementation of the core data handler.... read more

Posted by Tim Gall 2008-08-31