It is not that I am not interested in helping, but I do not see this as a critical path feature.
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I can see how that's working for you.  Sounds good.
For my situation (and I'm sure many other users) having a proven indexing and consistency sub-system that is part of jdbm2 is important, so I will continue to pursue that unless Alex is also not interested.
- K
I am not sure what you mean.  I use indices in the GOM framework all the time.  The basic pattern is:
IGeneric g = om.makeGeneric(); // create a generic object.
ILinkSet set1 = g.getLinkSet(set1); // a named scalable collection accessible from g.
IGeneric x = om.makeGeneric(); x.setString(name,Bryan); // create another object and set its name property.
set1.add(x); // add members to the link set.
ILinkSetIndex ndx = set1.getIndex(name); // obtain maintained index over the name property for the objects in set1.
Iterator itr = ndx.iterator(); // visit all members of set1 in order by the value of their name property.
You have all the index access methods available on the ILinkSetIndex, e.g., get an iterator over a key range, #of keys in a range, etc.
I just dont need any more mechanism in jdbm than already exists to provide this index support.
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