I've been running since with no problems using the new serialization mechanisms.  I am happy to
merge in your changes to support the delete() feature for BTree/BPage.
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OK - have code written.  I'm running unit tests now.
My code was written against code *prior* to Bryan's major overhaul of the serialization mechanism.  Do we have any solid experience with this new code?  Is it 100% backwards compatible?  There's an aweful lot of lines changed...
I need to get this deletion capability into a production environment, and I'm a bit nervous of also releasing the new serialization facility...  I don't think we want to get into branching the code base either...  I'm perfectly happy to keep this code on my system and not release it into HEAD for the time being if that's the best way to approach this.
Any thoughts?
- K
That's pretty much how I would go about it.


Kevin Day wrote:
> I wanted to follow up on something Bryan mentioned last week:   Right
> now, there is no way to delete a BTree.  You can delete the root, but
> that won't delete any of the pages...
> I have an immediate need for doing this kind of deletion in my
> application, and I'm wondering if you guys have any preferences on how
> to add this...
> Here is what I'm thinking about doing:
> 1.  Add an instance method delete() to BTree
> 2.  Add an instance method delete() to BPage
> 3.  Have BTree call delete on all of it's children recursively, then
> delete itself
> The recman will be assocaited with the BTree already (via the statis
> load() method), so I don't think we need to pass that in again.
> Does anyone have any objections to the above strategy, or is there a
> better approach that I haven't thought of?
> Thanks!
> - K

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