Hi Shevek,

We're open to architecture changes for JDBM 2.x.  Your code and ideas are most welcome.  It does sound like starting anew will be unavoidable given the current architecture and your performance/scalability requirements... Surely we can reuse some code although most of it currently makes assumptions that need to be reconsidered under a new design.

Do you want to share your comparison sheet so people can jump in and weigh the different options?


On 2/16/07, Shevek <shevek@anarres.org > wrote:
We will send you all our jdbm related code as soon as we get clearance.
Unfortunately most of the rest of the suggestions appear to be difficult
or impossible to implement in the current jdbm architecture, so if there
isn't a consensus for these improvements, we will have to reimplement
from scratch. We have an absolute need for performance and scalability.


Shevek <shevek@anarres.org>

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