Thanks for such a quick response. The main reason I was trying to avoid committing was because committing seems to be relatively slow. If I disable transactions will things be written to disk immediately? Will this writing be faster then a commit?



From: Kevin Day []
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 4:02 PM
To: Rosenberg, Eric
Subject: re: [Jdbm-general] Transaction memory size




This is a limitation in the current jdbm transaction manager (there is a group of us working on an alternate technique that will support arbitrarily large transactions, but that's a long way off).


The recommended approach at this point is to either:


A.  Commit your transactions periodically




B.  Run with transcations disabled for large inserts (understand that this will open you up to potential file corruption, so you only want to run without transactions when it is OK to lose the entire database - i.e. during initial data population).





- Kevin




> If I add / update a bunch of objects in JDBM during a transaction is
everything kept in memory until I do a commit?

I am trying to add an arbitrary number of objects to JDBM and am
wondering if it is safe to add them all from a single transaction or if
I need to commit periodically to ensure that I don't run out of memory.


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