New Fat Stock Pick: (OTC: VVIT)

VVIT made a slight correction Monday but judging from its long-term trajectory should bounce back very quickly.  Monday's downturn makes it the perfect time to jump right in for a quick turn.

Welcome to 3 Fat Guys

We were once like you, skinny, starving, and working for a living.  That was until we learned how to work smart instead of hard.  Now, all we do is hang out at the bar all day and whenever we get in the mood we find a great stock and start raking in the dough.

That's me on the left, Benny.  That's my bro Jerry on the right, and of course in the middle that's Jo Jo.  Jo Jo is the smart one and the brains of the whole operation.  Kind of tells you something about picking stocks, right?


While we're all super geniuses at picking stocks now, it wasn't always that way.  It was when we came up with a system, that's when we hit it big.  We of course can't tell you what the system is, but I can tell you that it involves the Bible of all things.

Before we became the smartest stock pickers on the planet, we were the greatest sports picking trio in the Universe.  We had a system for that, too.  Now that we are no longer into sports , I guess I can tell you what that system is.  It was easy.  We just compared the two teams playing and decided which mascot could waylay which in a scrap.

Like the Chicago Bears vs. the Baltimore Colts.  That's an easy one.  Everyone knows a bear can pummel a horse any day.  They're faster, too.  Anyway, it had a 90 percent success rate, and our new stock picking system isn't much more complicated than that.  Come on, do we look like we're complicated guys?  Well, maybe Jo Jo, who is also leading in the belly bulge contest as well.

Anyway, don't be a fool.  Do what you need to do to bring that bacon home, but whatever you do, work smart, not hard.  VVIT is our Christmas present to you.

This information has been brought to you by 3 Fat Guys - Hollywood, FL

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