Neither the one I got from trunk or the one you provide will compile with 1.0.

But I see enough from that on how I can create my one page manager from an existing file and use the page cursor on that. So hopefully should be able to knock something up.

Any news on timeframe for the next release?


Bryan Thompson wrote:
Ah.  I misread your message.  The version in the trunk _might_ work.  No promises. -bryan

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The Dump utility is in trunk, not 1.0. any news on when the next release will happen?

Bryan Thompson wrote:
There is a dump utility that will give you everything that can be extracted.

When you use the extSer integration then it gives more detail since it knows
how to deserialize the individual records.

It also gives some statistics on the record sizes by index as I recall.


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I've look at the PageCursor and see how that works, but 
BaseRecordManager doesn't give access to this, so I have no 
way of determining what is stored in one of my databases. Any 
good ideas on this? beyond storing a registry object in root, 
which would kinda suck having to write out the whole list of 
longs every time I want to store a new object.


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