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Update JUnit dependency version?

  • Bryan Thompson

    Bryan Thompson - 2005-08-23

    jdbm currently bundles junit 3.7.  I would like to update this dependency to a current release, 3.8.1, which is from 2002-09-03.

    This is causing dependency version problems for me personally, but it also seems reasonable to update to the current junit release (which is clearly stable given its release date).


    • Kevin Day

      Kevin Day - 2005-08-23

      Amen - it's well past time to do this.

      Please update the junit jar in the distro as well.

      - K

      • Bryan Thompson

        Bryan Thompson - 2005-08-23

        Changes to build.xml (for the current javadoc) and replaced lib/junit.jar.  This commit migrates from JUnit 3.7 to 3.8.1.



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