I've been fiddling around with JDBM and coem up with a numebr of questions/issues.

First, my need:  I need a simple obejct storage database ala dbm thats pure Java and that can be used by multiple cooperating processes simultaneously.  My thought was to take JDBM and add record-level locking (ala NIO) and enable the file for multiple writers.  Also I need to make sure that caching is "write-through".

I've run into a few issues though, all having to do with the transactional system. It seems that the trasnactional system can be up to N operatiosn behind the data file where N is the numebr of memory txn logs. Additionally there is one transaction log per file whereas ina  multi-processed setup I assume yould need oen log per process.

The simplest thing seems to be to turn off transactions and in rpactice that seems to cuase updates to be written througha ccording to my experimetns HOWEVER the docs say almos texaclty the opposite...

"Switches off transactioning for the record manager. This means that a) a transaction log is not kept, and b) writes aren't synch'ed after every update..."

So first off are the docs wrong or the code buggy?

Secondly, does anyone have a better solutio nfor adding multiple-users and record lockign then disabling the trasnaction system? If I disable the transaction system am I courting corrupted files?