using JDBM

  • Kenneth D. McCracken

    I am evaluating whether or not to use JDBM as a persistent storage medium.
    Does anyone know the state of the JDBM project? To what extent is it stable or still under development? Are there figures concerning the number of users/projects using JDBM?  How extensively has it been tested?

    • Ry4an Brase

      Ry4an Brase - 2000-09-27

      I haven't seen much activity on this project since its announcement.  I'd recommend using SDBM (which I was pushing in another post in this forum).  The Java SDBM implementation has been used in a few big projects (including Grendel the java new/mail reader for the jazilla project) and the SDBM file format is used by both Perl's default tie()ed hashes and the sdbm C library.

      • Cees de Groot

        Cees de Groot - 2000-09-27

        JDBM has been written to support several projects, most of them my Exoffice/Intalio. As far as I know, it is in use there.

        That you don't see much activity here is correct: the product is considered feature-complete, the only reason that we are not releasing a v1.0 is that we want to have some real-world experience.

        As for the answer of ry4an: the two products are only superfluously similar. JDBM provides transactions, and is built to be suitable as the lowest layer of a serious database (one of the projects using JDBM is OpenSpaces, an open source project that strives to implement a JavaSpaces clone).


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