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release 1.0.3 out now!

this new release fixes a bug that allowed the object counters to be less than zero if call was closed on an object multiple times.

Posted by Christopher Brind 2002-02-13

1.0.2 out now!

Getting some bugs in at last, which means getting some fixes out!

Also, just created a list, checkout the Lists link on the project page.

Posted by Christopher Brind 2001-12-12

Source code and release-1.0.0 now available!

I have finally managed to get to my PC in order to upload the source to CVS and create three files for release-1.0.0. The code has been tagged "release_1_0_0".

Posted by Christopher Brind 2001-11-15

Files coming soon!

jdbcmon is written and ready to rock, but I've not been at my own PC long enough to upload the files yet.

I'll be adding everything to CVS as well as creating a library jar containing no source, and a zip containing all source and an example.

Watch this space!

Posted by Christopher Brind 2001-11-14