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jdba 0.7.9-2 released

new tree layout; added data exploration to views. implemented some new right-click context functionality

Posted by ezra p. 2001-10-15

vote for jdba's logo!

i'm posting logo submissions for voting, many of which are just proof of concept. go to http://www.jdba.org/vote.html and let us know which design you think we should use.

Posted by ezra p. 2001-08-06

jdba 0.7.9-1 released

the 0.7.9-1 point release for jdba, a database frontend written in java, is now available. the application should be much more useful for non-dba roles now. a preliminary help system using gosling was added.

Posted by ezra p. 2001-08-06

jdba 0.7.9 released

greetings, i'm dropping another build out on sourceforge/freshmeat. included are a variety of fixes, enhancements, and some new features, packages and functions by david e. the app is quite useable now, but needs to be refined and tested before we add too many new features (schema generation, etc). also, you'll still be seeing the 0.5 logo as always; it's lame, but it beats not having a logo i guess. accepting any submissions!

Posted by ezra p. 2001-08-04

jdba 0.7 released

it's about time, eh? viewable functionality for common database objects is implemented; ad hoc queries, editable jtable, etc. grab it, use it, give us feedback!

Posted by ezra 2001-05-23


Posted by ezra p. 2001-04-30