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JCSC 0.98 released

JCSC now supports the JDK 1.5 (Java 5) language.
Rules Editor can now be launched as a webstart application, so rules can be configured anywhere with a internet connection. No installation required.
Minor bugifxes and improvements.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2005-07-04

JCSC 0.97 and intellijJCSC 0.1 released

JCSC went through a maintenace and bugfix upgrade in which the JCSC Ant task has been enhanced with new powerful features.

Also, JCSC now features a pluging for IntellijJCSC which brings checking right to your fingertips.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2004-05-11

JCSC 0.95 released

This release does improve the drill down funtionality. Now you can drill down by Categrory of violations (General, Method, JavaDoc, ...), the Severity of the violations (1-5) and by Violations itself.
The explanation of each violation can be seen from the HTML; was only visible in the RulesEditor before.
This helps to investigate the source for specific problems.
Apart from that, JCSC had a couple bugfixes and improvements.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2003-10-19

JCSC 0.95 released

JCSC has been completely refactored! The core is now XML driven which makes the adding of further rules faster. Also, rules can be en-/disabled on a case by case basis and each rule can have a priority assigned. The priority can be used to group the parse results. These changes are reflected in an improved UI -- both in the ruleseditor and the generated XML/HTML documents. JCSC now supports CruiseControl2.... read more

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2003-06-26

JCSC 0.94 released

The changes are:
- All logged bugs have been fixed
- Two new rules have been added
- Ant task has two new properties 'startdate' and 'failvalue'
- UI has been improved
- has been optimized of Mac OS X
- various other improvements

I need some help to write plugins for various IDEs like JBuilder, Netbeans, Eclipse, .... Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2003-02-11

JCSC 0.93 released

This release closes all bugs and most feature requests. The CCN metric has been added and a check if the open '{' shall be on the same or new line.
Be aware, the check for having spaces around binary expression is temporaly disabled. It was buggy and a refactoring is in progress.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-11-27

JCSC 0.92 release

This release closes all open bugs.
One new check has been added -- the NCSS metric. This metric is used to check the boundaries of method/constructor length. Also, it is used on the website created by the JCSC Ant task (violation/NCSS ratio)
Default set of rules now complies to the Sun Standard.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-10-24

JCSC 0.92 released

This is a bugifx release -- all open bugs are closed.
Added NCSS metric checking. This metirc is being used on the website created by the JCSC Ant task and on the CruiseControl xsl.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-10-24

JCSC 0.91 released

JCSC now supports the checking of the correct JavaDoc for class/interface, method, ctor and field. The JavaDoc checking is customizable for each visibility. Added additional checks. The by the Ant task created website now shows the value of the @author tag on the overiew and on each class website.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-09-24

JCSC 0.9 released

JCSC now features an Ant task for parsing one java file or a whole package tree. An XSL web front end for reading the results and a graphical Rules Editor have been added. JCSC is now CruiseControl compatible. Also, bugs were fixed and new tests have been added. This release is a big step forward in regards of being a stable product and feature complete.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-09-10

beta 0.83

Beta 0.82 installation did not work. 0.83 is 0.82 but working!

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-07-16

JCSC 0.82 released

Now, JDK1.4 is supported. Fixed bugs and added new checks. Also added the webpage and a changelog to the .zip file.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-07-14

JCSC 0.81 released

This is basically 0.8. Changed the 'jcsc' command usage and improved the reading of the default.jcsc rules file. Aligned the .jcsc file layout with the documentation from the web page. No new checkings added.

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-06-03

JCSC 0.8 released

First stable release of the Java Coding Standard Checker JCSC. Checks against a highly definable standard and for signs of bad code -- potential bugs. This is a command line tool and the output is similar to that of a compiler.
Check and feel better about your code!

Posted by Ralph Jocham 2002-05-29

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