problem about: ReleaseManager rm = new Releas

  • miyoko

    miyoko - 2007-07-27

    My java programme is using JCOM to access EXCEL. It's J2EE application. the Container is JBOSS.
    please tell me, if no installing Microsoft Excel on the side of sever, only installing Microsoft Excel on the side of client, the JCOM can work or not?
    now it seems that the Micorosoft Excel must be installed on the side of server too. if not, there is an error while the statement: ReleaseManager rm = new ReleaseManager();
    thanks very much

    • k

      k - 2007-08-10

      I do not know much about JBOSS , but the way you create the ReleaseManager
      ( ReleaseManager rm = new ReleaseManager(); ) is correct.

      I use it in that way in a regular Java Application;

      It looks to me as JBOSS is trying to run the code on the server side instead of the client .

      can you run Runtime.exec("*******") on your client ? or is this also running on the server ?


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