JComException with HRESULT=0x8002801D

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Every call that a make to the IDispach object i get the same error. I tried a word example and it worked fine.
    This error happens with the object of the examples. I tried with JIntegra and it worked fine. But when i try to do it using JCom i get an error.
    Have somebody a clue of what is happennig?

    IDispatch o = new IDispatch(rm, "SmartEpadSDK.SmartEpadHID");

    First case:   
    try {
    } finally {

    jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.JComException: IDispatch::GetTypeInfo() failed HRESULT=0x8002801DL
        at jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.IDispatch._getTypeInfo(Native Method)
        at jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.IDispatch.getTypeInfo(IDispatch.java:269)
        at test.device.smartepad.SmartEpadHID.main(SmartEpadHID.java:63)
    Exception in thread "main"

    Other example:
    try {
       o.method("unitialize", null);
    } finally {

    jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.JComException: IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames(Unitialize) failed HRESULT=0x8002801D
        at jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.IDispatch._getIDsOfNames(Native Method)
        at jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.IDispatch.method(IDispatch.java:222)
        at test.device.smartepad.SmartEpadHID.main(SmartEpadHID.java:65)
    Exception in thread "main"

    • Philippe Ombredanne

      I will look into it tomorrow.
      Is there a way to get the SmartEpadSDK.SmartEpadHID
      Com object somewhere to give it a spin?
      Some trial download?


      philippe ombredanne | nexB - Open IT Asset Management
      1 650 799 0949 | pombredanne at nexb.com

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes it is. The SmartEpadSDK contains the DLL with the COM objects.

      Thank you for your quick answer

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      When i try to quit the JCOM JComException: IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames(Unitialize) error is coming, If you have any solution for this please reply to thread itself.

      Thanking in Advance


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