Steve Howard - 2002-11-27

I had quite a bit of difficulty installing the newest version of JCOM. I got it worked out, and just thought maybe someone else might have the same difficulty, and might come here (like I did first) to see if anyone else had this same difficulty.

A few things needed to be done to the build.bat in order to get a good build to add to the installation:

1. I added a variable in the build.bat called basepath that held the directory into which I had unzipped the files - the directory that contained "build.bat"
2. on the javah lines, I added a classpath switch like this:

-classpath %classpath%;%basepath%

to add in the basepath I had to add at the top of the file.

3.  There were no C++ compile commands for 3 files,  nor were these three files being linked - this created "unresolved external" errors on linking, so these three lines needed to be added to the "cl" lines:

cl %cflag% /Fobuild_tmp/cpp/VARIANT.obj      cpp/VARIANT.cpp
cl %cflag% /Fobuild_tmp/cpp/GUID.obj      cpp/GUID.cpp
cl %cflag% /Fobuild_tmp/cpp/InvokeHelper.obj      cpp/InvokeHelper.cpp

and these three items were added to the link list on the "link" line:

build_tmp/cpp/VARIANT.obj build_tmp/cpp/GUID.obj build_tmp/cpp/invokehelper.obj

Once these changes were made, the build.bat worked fine, and produced the dll, and jar file needed.

I would attach the whole file, but that doesn't seem possible here. Hopefully you can find enough in what I posted to make it work for you if you are having the same difficulties I was.

Steve H.