Is JCom still being maintained

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      6+ months later and no reply - doesn't look like it.

  • Roven60

    Roven60 - 2011-12-21

    Hi, jcom seems to be died but it's still working fine.
    There is someone still using it? There is something better (or simply "alternative") for java 1.4?

    If someone still use it we can share our knowledge and our artworks!
    I developed java classes modelled on MSWord objects and collections. Not all object neither all methods are implemented but many of them and, of course, it's a work in progress.

    Ok: it's enought for waking up sleeping users :-) Let me know here you are.

    It's Dec. 21 so . . . many wishes for a marry Christmas

  • Philippe Ombredanne

    Jcom is still working fine but is not longer maintained. If you want to take it over, this is fine.
    If it does not work for you, I recommend to check out either COM4J or JNA provide both better and more general approaches. I like JNA because of its Python ctypes-like approach. COM4J is closer to Jcom because of its COM orientation.
    Happy holidays!

  • Roven60

    Roven60 - 2011-12-22

    Thanks Pombredanne for suggestions and wishes :-)

    I take a look on com4j presentation and it talks about java 1.5 like Jacobs (I've tried too).
    Can you tell me if one of the suggested briedge works (also) with java 1.4 ?


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