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Peer-reviwed scientific publication now available

For more information about the context and motivation for the JColorGrid software please visit the recent scientific publication freely available online:


When using JColorGrid output in pulished works, online or in presentations please cite:

JColorGrid: software for the visualization of biological measurements
Marcin P Joachimiak , Jennifer L Weissman and Barnaby CH May
BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7:225

Posted by marcin 2006-05-17

JColorGrid is released

The initial release had a few bugs which are fixed in v1.859. The available downloads include an executable JAR file, PDF manual, and Java source code.

Try it out and share your thoughts - please send emails to jcolorgrid@ucsf.edu. More info is available at http://jcolorgrid.ucsf.edu/

A list of upcoming features as well as documentation for the API are in the works.

Posted by marcin 2006-05-12