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  • pleiades

    pleiades - 2010-08-19

    Hello all,

    my SVN is configured on Apache to host several repositories (SVNListParentPath on).
    Users right are managed with Apache+LDAP

    On JCR, when I try to "Maintenance->Repositories"
    I set the repository with my LDAP credentials, but I have the following message from JCR :
    "Invalid URL or credentials: Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to OPTIONS request for 'http://server/svn/repos1'"

    Can anyone help me?


  • John Dickson

    John Dickson - 2010-08-19

    Hi Pleiades

    I haven't heard of this particular issue. 

    It might help to have the full JCR log message, plus the previous messages in that thread (i.e. with the same number in the square brackets) from the log.  Another thing that would be interesting to know is exactly what HTTP requests are made (from a packet capture program like Wireshark or tcpdump, or via a personal HTTP proxy), and how those match up to the calls made by other svn programs.

    JCR uses pysvn, which in turn uses the standard svn client libraries (I think), so that might help you to track down the issue via Google.

    Sorry I can't help more, but I haven't used that sort of configuration.

    Cheers ………………………………. JD

  • pleiades

    pleiades - 2010-08-20


    I found the problem.
    1 - I launch JCR with a Linux user 'user'
    2 - Unfortunately, I used some SVN command line before, so SVN save my logging in ~/.subversion/auth
    3 - then.. JCR use the ~/.subversion/auth instead of those I entered in the browser.

    Deleting ~/.subversion/auth solve the problem.

    But I don't know if the bug is in pysvn or in JCR.


  • John Dickson

    John Dickson - 2010-08-20

    Good to hear that you solved the issue. 

    I'd guess it's actually a subversion bug - JCR doesn't know anything about your ~/.subversion directory, and pysvn is just a thin wrapper around the svn library.

    Cheers ………………………………………. JD


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