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  • Barry van Someren

    I was thinking of building something similar thos JClaim after using Adiumx.
    This is because I want to muck around more with Java client side programming rather than just server side programming.
    However, your project is doing nicely and I'm thinking of giving it a spin and helping out.

    Here are some things I'm interested in helping with:
    -Make the UI more pretty (I want to hone my Swing skills)
    -Create a little alerter thingy like you already seem to have for Windows, but now for Mac OS X (Using Growl)
    -Test functionality on Mac OSX / Windows Vista (blegh) and OpenSolaris; help with bugfixes
    -Help you guys implement some sort of OSGi based plugin system if there is sufficient interest.

    I have some experience with OSGi so if you guys are interested I can spend some time helping out.
    I'll start with the small stuff first as we all have a finite amount of time :)

    • Barry van Someren

      BTW, do you guys have some sort of bugtracking software?

    • Alex

      Alex - 2008-06-16

      Great, we are always looking for people to help out.
      SO much can be done.

      I'll email you. We'll talk details there.


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