How to start the JClaim project

june lim
  • june lim

    june lim - 2009-02-11

    Hi, now I have to complete my final year project on how to build the application of AOL instant messenger..
    I have been stuck in the way I established this project..I found the existence of JClaim and I try to use this approach to do for my final year project..Can anyone tell me how to start and what I need to use in order to use the JClaim..Hopefully can get a clearly guidelines.

    I'm so worried and wonder whether the JClaim can works for my final year project...Is it very hard and takes time to implement this application?

    Up to now what I know is to installl the subclipse in my Eclipse platform...And what the next step I need to do?

    • Alex

      Alex - 2009-02-11

      Once you get the svn instructions on this site and get the source code, look at the documentation in the section by same name. Should get you started.

      class to start the app is called

      Good luck.

    • june lim

      june lim - 2009-02-11

      After I read on the svn instructions, it is only useful for the developers that works together..I will do this project by my own, so I need to touch on the stuffs regarding svn?

      I found the packages on this page.
      Is it the packages that I need to download?

      Can you give me the link to get the source code?

      • Alex

        Alex - 2009-02-12

        Your question has already been answered.


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