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Downloads moved to http://www.sf.net/projects/cdk

Download of JChemPaint are no longer available from this project page, but from this page instead:


Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-12-21

JChemPaint bugs should now be reported with the CDK project

As of today, the Bugs section is closed, and bugs should now be reported with the <a href="http://www.sf.net/projects/cdk">CDK project</a>. Category "jchempaint" should be used. The reason is that JChemPaint's source code is now fully integrated into the CDK project.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-12-06

Third development release released

The third development release (2.1.2) has been released.
Like 2.1.1 it is the product of a week of hacking at it in a JChemPaint Workshop at the CUBIC.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-08-31

First release of new development branch

About a year ago (10 May 2004) JChemPaint 2.0 was released, and today, as a product of the fine hacking meeting at the CUBIC, the first release of the development branch is out: 2.1.0. Except many things to be broken, but it gives a good idea where things are going. And make sure to check out the documents written down during meeting last week.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-05-06

2.0.12: many usability upgrades

This release does not contain bug fixes, but it sure does make drawing molecules a lot more pleasent.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-04-28

JChemPaint hacking workshop starting April 25th, 2005

A JChemPaint hacking workshop will start on April 25th, 2005, at Cologne University Bioinformatics Center (CUBIC). Virtual participant are highly welcome.
The goal is to move JCP to the CDK hierarchy, create a convenient but flexible build system, write some roadmaps and do as much of the roadmap items as possible.
On major topic will be an applet of decent size.
Please show up on IRC (irc.freenode.net #cdk) if you are interested in participating.

Posted by Christoph Steinbeck 2005-04-22

JChemPaint being integrated with CDK project

The recent JChemPaint releases have been strongly depending on the CDK library, thus it was a logical choice to move those project further together to speed up development. Both the website and the source code is being integrated right now. More on this later.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-04-22

2.0.11: support for radicals

The biggest change in the 2.0.11 release is the support for radicals. Editing, saving as CML2 and reading from CML2 and MDL files was added.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-04-03

2.0.10: better internet download support

The new release drops the inline DADML support in favor of the new DadmlBrowser plugin. It offers a more informative GUI listing all information it finds instead just the structure of the first it finds.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-03-21

2.0.9 Released

A minor bugfix release was build fixing problems with depiction of aromatic rings, and processing of SMILES with dots.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2005-03-17

2.0.7 released with LGPL

JChemPaint 2.0.7 has just been released. It carries the LGPL license, as JChemPaint does earlier. It used GPL for some time to trigger more patches from users, but this did not happen. Since all functionality was in CDK and thus LGPL already, it's not really a big deal.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-12-17

JChemPaint version 2.0.6 released

While development has started for a better designed JChemPaint (still based on CDK, of course), a new bug fix release is out. JChemPaint is a Java program for drawing 2D chemical structures like those found in most chemistry textbooks. It is based on the Chemistry Development Kit (cdk.sf.net). The GUI is licensed GPL, for the algorithms in CDK are licensed LGPL.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-12-01

2.0.7 viewer applet jar size greatly reduced

The size of the applet jar of the 2.0.7 viewer only applet is reduced to half: 823 kB, instead of 1.6 MB.
A demo is online at: http://jchempaint.sourceforge.net/applet-2.0.7/

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-12-01

Version 2.0.5 Released

A new JCP release is out, which no longer relayouts after saving SVG, can open files from the command line and has new windows maximized by default.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-08-24

Version 2.0.4 released

In addition to this new dotdot release, also new Debian packages have been released.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-08-11

Improved SMILES parsing in 2.0.3

Bugfix release 2.0.3 contains a few small code cleanups with allows easier use as an applet, and contains a improvement of the SMILES parsing algorihm, fixing three reported bugs.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-06-21

A JChemPaint Applet preview online

A preview is put on the website showing what a JChemPaint applet could look like. Go to http://jchempaint.sf.net/applet/

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-06-09

Minor feature enhancements in 2.0.2

Rendering was improved with anti-aliasing and a dialog for setting rendering options, including setting of the font. Furthermore a few bug fixes.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-06-09

Bugfix release 2.0.1 is out

This release fixed closing of plugins before the program itself was closed, made a number of speed improvements, added the missing Atom popup menu item string, and grayed out the pop menu titles. It is compiled against CDK from CVS, which contains a CDKEditBus update, improved CML2 and SVG output, a partial INChI reader, and a few minor bugfixes.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-05-26

2.0 Finally Released

First stable release of JChemPaint based on CDK. It is not without bugs, but very useful already, and improves the 1.2.1 version in several areas. The GUI has translation in Dutch, French, Polish and German.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-05-10

One of the last prereleases 1.9.11 is out

One of the last beta phase releases of JChemPaint is out: 1.9.11. This release is mostly a bug fix release, and also includes other minor improvements, like a more efficient Rendering engine and a GUI periodic table for selecting the drawing element. JChemPaint is a Java 2 program for drawing 2D chemical structures like those found in most chemistry textbooks.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-04-06

Last beta release 1.9.10

Release 1.9.10 is the last beta version to be released. The new JChemPaint is close enough to the 1.2.1 release in functionality to be able to say that the next release will be the next stable JChemPaint release.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2004-02-05

Second beta release 1.9.9

We published our second beta release, 1.9.9. This means we are approaching a stable release.

Posted by Christoph Steinbeck 2003-10-23

First beta release 1.9.8

Version 1.9.8 is the first beta release, meaning that new features are harder to drop in at this stage and that focus is on bugfixing.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2003-10-23

Last alpha release

Today the last alpha release of JChemPaint 2.0 has been released. This means, that from now on
mostly bugfixes are applied and no major new features are added.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2003-09-09

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