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JChassis TermUI v. 0.1 released

JChassis TermUI v. 0.1 has just been released and is available for download. TermUI is an API for simple GUI-like user interfaces on ANSI/VT100-compliant terminals and terminal emulators, such as Linux virtual terminals, Gnome Terminal and KDE Konsole. The intent is simlar to that of the ncurses library, but done in pure Java. Several commonly used widgets are available.

In theory, this library should work for terminal emulators on other OSs, but this has not been tested. Under Windows or DOS you will likely need to use something like ANSI.SYS.... read more

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2005-01-13

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller v. 0.1 released

Version 0.1 of JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller has been released. It is pure Java API for controlling ANSI-compliant terminals and terminal emulators such a linux virtual terminals, xterm, Gnome Terminal and KDE Konsole. This library can be used to display character styles and colors and graphical characters in those environments. This is a repackaging of various JChassis modules into a standalone library that does not require the JChassis SDK or framework.

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2005-01-08

JChassis Dependency API v. 0.1.1 release

JChassis Dependency API v. 0.1.1 has been released for the first time.

The JChassis Dependency API is an API for representing resources and the dependencies between them. Resources are abstract - what they represent is entirely up to the user of the API. In the simplest case, they contain a name and a version. Resources might represent versioned software components for example.

This library is a repackaging of some JChassis modules into a simple standalone library. As such, it does not include the Ant build files to build the source, and it may depend on other JChassis libraries. If you wish to use the original build system, you should download the JChassis SDK and use that. This library is *not* a JChassis module, and is usable without using a JChassis framework.

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2004-12-22

JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser v 0.1.1 released

Version 0.1.1 of the JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser has been released.

If you're writing an application, you don't want to spend time fiddling around with parsing and processing command line arguments when this tiny utility (less than 6KB) can do the work for you. This rule-based command line parser is simple to use, and yet can cater for several commonly used command line formats. You specify how the command line is parsed by writing a sequence of simple, human-readable rules.... read more

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2004-12-18

JChassis SDK 0.2.1 released

JChassis version 0.2.1 has just been released. JChassis is both a framework for writing component-based Java applications, and a collection of Java components that are useful both in the JChassis framework as well as on their own. JChassis's ultimate aim is to make provide a pluggable, lightweight component architecture that handles version and dependency management automatically.

This release updates version 0.2 to be compatible with J2SDK 1.5.0.

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2004-11-28

JChassis version 0.2 released

JChassis version 0.2 has just been released. JChassis is both a framework for writing component-based Java applications, and a collection of useful Java components. It's ultimate aim is to make general application development more plug-and-play than the traditional bundling together of JAR files.

This release now uses the kXML2 package (http://www.kxml.org/), making the code size overhead of using the full JChassis framework less than 60KB. Other new features include a resource location service, an object storage/retrieval service, and a shutdown service. The modules to control ANSI-compliant terminals and to generate simple user interfaces on them have been improved considerable.... read more

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2004-03-21

JChassis SDK 0.1 released

JChassis is a lightweight component framework that aids the development of a variety of "non-enterprise" Java applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is the first artefact to be delivered by the JChassis project.

Not every developer wants to bloat their application with enormous frameworks, so JChassis is built lean and simple. Even so, it still has numerous advantages that go beyond what's achievable with Java Beans alone. JChassis includes comprehensive component versioning and dependency management, as well as a choice of two application frameworks to suit the constraints of the target environment.... read more

Posted by Sam Stainsby 2003-05-23

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