Sonar Web container -- how to deploy?

  • jfrank

    jfrank - 2007-01-15

    I'm trying to build the Sonar Web container to deploy on my local machine.  I downloaded the source, but I don't see anything for Sonar Web.  After some fiddling around, I built the sonar.war file, and I can copy this to my webapps folder, but I can't figure out what to put in the URL of a web browser in order to see anything.  I also didn't see any servlets or JSPs in the source, so I think I must be missing something.  It seems like the source code is just for the Sonar App container.

    • Michael hall

      Michael hall - 2007-02-02

      The Sonar web container hasn't had any new development since Sonar 0.6 (which included Sonar Web 0.1).  The web container is not ready for even experimental use at this point, it is in the very beginning stages of development.  If you are a developer and are interested in this project, I could really use the help with the web container, most of my effort has been focused on the engine and standalone (capi) container.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Me too!

      I try with version 0.7 but Still can not have solution for using it for the web!

      Can you give me (and other people) the documentation?

      Thank you very much!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Again, the web container is not ready for use, not even experimental use.  It's still in the prototype phase.  There is no documentation for getting it installed and running at this point.  If you have the desire to work on it, I will get you everything you need to start development on the web container.

      • Michael hall

        Michael hall - 2007-03-02

        I am posting this from an email exchange, for anyone else who is interested in working on the Web Container.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to work on this part of Sonar recently, so any outside effort will be strongly welcomed.  Also, if there is interest, I will setup another forum specifically for Web Container development.



        If you go to the Sonar 0.6 download page:

        You will see the file sonar-0.1.war, this contains the SonarServlet, including source code plus the JCaiF and Sonar 0.6 binaries.  You should be able to drop this war file into your servlet container (I have only tested it on Apache Tomcat) for testing.  I don't have an ANT build file for the web container yet, so you'll have to compile and package it yourself for now.  If you need any other help, of have questions about the source, please email me.  Also send any improvements you make so I can merge them into CVS.


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