jCAE 0.13 released

jCAE is a JAVA based environment for CAE applications. Features are:
* simple volumes modeler
* finit elements mesher
* portable on platforms which support Java and Opencascade
* inherit module architecture of Netbeans

jCAE 0.13 has just been released. Below is the change log from last news:

Version 0.13

* Switch to Opencascade 6.1
* Fix remove action on geometry which most of the time has no effect
* Fix picking on geometry which most of the time was not working anymore
* Fix a bug in occjava wich, sometime, was giving strange meshes (all points x=y=z or x=y=z=0)
* Fix an ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception when playing with the clip rectangle tool in the 3D viewer
* Display free and multiple edges in a mesh
* Fix a bug in occjava which was causing a crash when meshing a cone

Version 0.12.2

* Bug 1460763: Free edges crash

Version 0.12.1

* Bug 1437470: Wrong clipping in 3D view
* Bug 1452435: No deflection parameter with jCAE 0.11
* Bug 1452490: Mesh aborts wiith large deflection

Version 0.12

* Fix 1439445: Exception when trying to access Geometry-popup menu
* Fix 1437468: Face reverse do not work
* Do 1435029: Clipping planes and rotation center in 3D view
* Picking on geometry face no longer freeze
* upgrade to Java 3D 1.4

Version 0.11

* Full rewrite of libOccJava with http://www.swig.org
* Update to Netbeans 5.0
* Add UNV to UNV action, to fix possible problemes in existing UNV
* Allow to specify a "desired number of triangle" in decimation
* [Bug 1433432] Smoothing of mesh
* [bug 1415280 and 1421276] View3d combo refresh
* [Bug 1410622] TriangleArray: illegal vertexCount in OEMM viewer
* [Bug 1418453] mesh compute without geometry.
* [Bug 1418451] unit convertion in "Import geometry".
* [Bug 1421278] Properties button
* [bug gforge 94] many module object nodes creates for one file

Posted by Jerome Robert 2006-04-07

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