I have recently downloaded and intend to use JCache for on applications; I have written a class that extends CacheLoader

This class retrieves data from a database.


I then have a simple javaBean with a method (getData()) that obtains data from the cache if the data has been has been cached

before otherwise it obtains data from the DB and then save in cache.


The Problem


When I execute the jsp that uses the bean I get the data, if I keep refreshing in very short intervals(i.e. every second) the data is found from

the cache, but if I refresh say after 30 seconds I get a null value. The cache indicates that it does have my data cached(cacheAccess.isPresent("Key")). When I debug through the code I can see that the CacheObject is there but it's referent is null.

I have included the code for the getData() method below.


public String getData() {

String res = null;

      try {

            CacheAccess cacheAccess = CacheAccessFactory.getInstance().getAccess();

            if (cacheAccess.isPresent(DataLoader.LOADER_NAME)) {

                  res = (String)cacheAccess.get(DataLoader.LOADER_NAME);


            } else {

                  Attributes at = new Attributes();

                  at.setTimeToLive(10 * 60 * 1000);   //ten minutes

                  at.setIdleTime(5 * 60 * 1000);      //five minutes

                  at.setLoader(new DataLoader());


                  UsersCacheLoader.LOADER_NAME, at, new UsersCacheLoader().load(null, null));

                  res = (String) cacheAccess.get(DataLoader.LOADER_NAME);


} catch (CacheException ce) {



return res;






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