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Algorithm demo release - at last

Finally, after a year and a half of struggle with the code - translation to "english Java" from "french Java", comment addition - here is a small demo application for the cubic B-spline algorithm to be used within JBSSE.

Files have been commited to the CVS repository and a source .tar.bz2 package is available from the project's summary page. Feel free to download and report suggestions and comments about the algorithm. Please pay attention to reading the README and INSTALL files prior to testing.... read more

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Lièvremont 2005-09-23

Project start

Welcome to JBSSE, the Java B-Spline Surface Editor !! Looks like the registration of the project will have its entry in the Book of Records: less than 2 hours between registration email and approval email !

Now, a few files will be made available in the near future. Sorry for the language, this project started as an educationnal project at ENSEEIHT ( http://www.enseeiht.fr ), an engineering school in France. A translation will be made soon for non-french-speaking developpers to contribute :)

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Lièvremont 2004-05-04