JBoss Advanced Training in Stockholm


Location: Hotel BirgerJarl; Tulegatan 8104 32 Stockholm Sweden (http://www.birgerjarl.se/)
Phone: 46-8-674-18-00

Instructors: Sacha Labourey, General Manager JBoss Group Europe, co-developer JBoss Clustering, and Adrian Brock, Director of Back Office Support

TRAINING PRICE: US$3000 for those who pay by August, 2003; after that date US$3250.

Target audience: This class is not recommended for beginning Java programmers.

Content:You will learn how to fine tune JBoss in production, what advanced J2EE architectures are suited for JBoss, you will go deep into the architecture of JBoss from the JMX base to the MBean Containers, to the invokers to the smart proxies. You will learn the deep integration points in JBoss and how to extend development to fit into your own solutions. The goal is for you to understand the super-server theory and how JBoss applied it to the JBoss core server. From this point it is fairly trivial for you to understand how to build your own real-life strand of EJB that fits your particular need. From client side cache to clustering and real-world security, we teach you "beyond J2EE" and how to quickly and simply solve your own middleware problems by using JBoss and the super-server theory in this practical, example oriented, hands-on presentation. The advanced class is targeted at consultants who will provide JBoss Group services to end clients as well as internal IT developers and ISV developers. Come meet your peers and the JBoss core people, in an intense, unique and challenging experience.

More information and Faxable Registration Form are available at http://www.jbossgroup.com/index.html?module=html&op=userdisplay&id=services/training/schedule#stockholm-adv

Posted by Juha Lindfors 2003-08-16

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