Hi jboss-dev-foo1,

As of Nov. 2, 2012, you had utilized $1,002.20 of your “I’ll Pay Later” funds, and have earned $1,203.29 since you started utilizing IPL.

As we’ve communicated in earlier emails, your October processing fee remains due. You'll want to pay your processing fee immediately to protect your account and money.

Please note that if your processing fee has not been paid by Dec. 2, 2012, a penalty will be added to your processing fee.

Amount due if paid before Dec. 2, 2012: $25.63
Amount due if paid on or after Dec. 2, 2012: $41.26

Did you know?

You can protect your earnings and avoid manual payments by setting up Automatic Account Protection . It’s a free service!

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The FanBox Account Protection Team

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